LowTierGod Allegedly Harassing and Doxing Joon For The Past Two Years

by in Entertainment | May, 24th 2021

Joon The King alleges in a recent video that he’s been doxed and harassed over two years by LowTierGod. Unfortunately, LowTierGod has a long history of harassing people, so it’s not without merit that he could have been harassing Joon The King over this video. If fans of LTG are wondering why CeroBlast was unbanned and he didn’t just have to look at moments like this. If someone has not shown remorse for the actions they take, it’s unlikely they will be given second chances. Banned on Twitch back in 2018, he lasted about an hour after coming back before being banned for transphobic comments. What do we know about the situation?

The Rise And Fall of LowTierGod

LowTierGod has a long history of harassing people on the internet. He mocked BrolyLeg’s disability after being destroyed by him in Street Fighter V, and that’s already pretty disgusting. He’s thrown transphobic comments at CeroBlast and called Viscant (former EVO Champion) a “crackhead”. He was then soundly bodied in a first-to-ten in Street Fighter IV. Now, another bit of controversy has come to Dalauan “LowTierGod” Sparrow’s doorstep.

Often known as a sore loser, and someone who insults others far beyond the boundaries of “trash talk”, he’s quick to get personal. Joon The King made a video about LowTierGod, “LowTierGod’s Story” and it’s garnered well over a million views. This, according to Joon led to LowTierGod harassing the Youtuber over the past two years. Joon The King’s video isn’t offensive, but more informative. It goes out of its way to assert facts, it would seem.

Joon posted a recent video that goes into the details of the harassment he underwent from LowTierGod. He alleges that LowTierGod leaked personal information to his followers, and sent them to flag the video en masse. Originally the documentary was taken down by LTG, but this was overturned, and it went right back online on YouTube. In response to that documentary, LowTierGod posted a video about Joon that was an attempt to roast or insult the other content creator. It had to be repeatedly censored, just so he could try and make money off of it.

The video Joon posted is exhaustive (and exhausting), with about two and a half hours of details on how he’s been harassed by LowTierGod. It seems like he’s not the only one, either. Several other streamers have apparently been doxed by LTG for agreeing with Joon in this particular situation. Even with his history of harassing and insulting anyone who he doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like the look of physically (Boogie2988), we cannot speculate on the truth of the matter. That having been said, LowTierGod remains banned on Twitch and from any/all Capcom events, including EVO.

This writer has seen years of LTG streams and videos where he harasses anyone who beats him in a game. There’s a long history of being toxic in the fighting game scene as well. He would repeatedly send awful messages to people, or would simply disconnect because he doesn’t like playing against certain people. It’s a horrible story to have to tell, and it’s unfortunate that someone would have to deal with this level of harassment. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon, and the harassment ceases.


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