Lost Your Apex Legends Cosmetics? Respawn is Here to Help

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 19th 2021

When it comes to battle royale games, like Fortnite or Apex Legends, there are typically two things that keep the players engaged and interested in the game: the actual gameplay of the title and the cosmetics system that is built into it. But what happens if you take away one of these, such as players losing Apex Legends cosmetics?

Some Players Are Losing Apex Legends Cosmetics

That would, indeed, be a massive issue and one that would potentially kill the entire interest that a player has in the game. Losing everything that you’ve worked so hard for as well as the money that you actually spent on the game itself would feel like a total waste of time.

But that is what some players are experiencing right now in Apex Legends, as some of the battle royale’s accounts are reportedly losing access to all of their cosmetics and unlocks that they previously had in the game. This is a very dire issue for those players who are experiencing it.

But, unfortunately, it does seem like this is an issue that is happening and it seems to be only growing at this time. For now, though, it does look like it is only relegated to some players but those who are affected literally are losing Apex Legends cosmetics and unlocks that they worked so hard for.

This is a very bad issue as it will essentially kill off one of the most important things for a player in the battle royale game. This is something that simply cannot happen for an online service multiplayer game like this one, especially to those who are keeping the game running.

Respawn Entertainment Is Looking Into It

Fortunately, it does look like there is a silver lining of sorts in that the Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is looking into it at this time. The director of community and communications at Respawn, Ryan K. Rigney, posted on his personal Twitter account about the situation.

Reddit User Recently Posted About Losing All Cosmetics and Unlocks

It is likely that this post is in reference to another post on Reddit that recently showed up this week since the timing seems too close to one another. On Reddit, there was a user known as zee_kev who posted about losing Apex Legends cosmetics and unlocks on their account.

The player noted that they spent eight months in the Middle East serving in the military — thank you for your service, zee_kev! — when they came back to find that they had lost all of their skins and characters. Everything that they had previously unlocked were now locked and unable to be used.

Worse still, they reportedly contacted EA support regarding the game and then posted a screenshot of the very cringy conversation. The support person responded, noting that they were unable to find the skins because of the inactivity with the player being gone “for a long long time.”

The entire conversation seems pretty poor in terms of service and professionalism, lacking any concrete answers or actual support for this unfortunate situation that the player is in. Fortunately, that Reddit post did receive a response directly from a Respawn employee.

Issue Does Not Seem to Be Related to Time

They noted for the player to message them so this could be sorted out. But it looks like Rigney posted this broader message due to other reports that are circulating of players having similar issues. Of course, it seems that time isn’t the only factor that has to do with this problem.

Many players are noting that they have gone without playing the game for upwards of a year and never encountered this issue at all while others have likely lost their cosmetics without stepping away from the game for eight months like the Reddit user did, meaning you could be playing as recently as season 8 and still have it happen.

Fortunately, it does seem like Respawn is looking into this issue currently and we imagine that a fix for it will be sent out in the near future. A similar thing happened when the game first came out where many players lost everything upon downloading one of the first updates for it post-launch but this was subsequently fixed quickly.

What Players Should Do for Now

This issue will, hopefully, be addressed soon so players like zee_kev will be able to play using the characters and skins they have rightfully unlocked. In the meantime, if you are affected by this, there are some things that you can do at this time.

For one, it would be great to reach out to Respawn directly and let them know what is happening to you as the more cases of this that are reported, the more information that the developer will have regarding the situation and potentially what is causing it.

At the same time, though, we want to discourage players from purchasing anything at this time in the game if they are encountering this problem. You can probably keep playing the game but you will have to use the default characters and skins that are available.

But please do not purchase anything at all for the foreseeable future until this issue is completely fixed. Buying something while your other stuff is unlocked could be a waste of money or even possibly cause other issues like losing it when you get everything else eventually back.


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