Los Angeles Guerrillas Drop ACHES Permanently

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 23rd 2020

It is almost time for the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season to come to an end and for the playoffs to begin. However, that hasn’t stopped some teams from making changes at the last minute. The Los Angeles Guerrillas announced that they dropped ACHES permanently, effective immediately.

Los Angeles Guerrillas Part Ways With ACHES

This not-so-surprising announcement was made on the official Twitter account for the pro-Modern Warfare team, noting that ACHES and the Los Angeles Guerrillas have parted ways. They started by thanking the pro player and tagging him along with a brief letter.

“The Los Angeles Guerrillas have parted ways with Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price,” the brief letter from the Guerrillas reads. “We thank him for his time with the team and wish him the best of luck in the future.”

It is brief and to the point, not spending too much time on this announcement, nor does it go into great detail about what happened. In this way, it does feel like a pretty copy and paste, standard cookie-cutter response to a player leaving a team permanently.

As such, there is no telling if the decision was mainly by the leadership at the Los Angeles Guerrillas, if it was something that ACHES ultimately wanted for himself and his future, or if it was a joint decision through the combined desires of both sides.

ACHES Was Benched at the Beginning of the Season

Regardless, the timing of this whole situation is a little odd. It seems weird that ACHES got dropped now as the normal season is now over for the Guerrillas. More importantly, several months passed since he had some game time in a Home Series.

The Guerrillas suddenly put ACHES on the bench alongside fellow veteran pro players Lacefield and Saints in March. The season hadn’t even been around for too long. Los Angeles made a massive shift to fix problems with the team.

The idea was to bench three of the veterans on the team and then bring in newer talent to see if they would mesh better together and offer the team a better chance of advancing through the leaderboards. Since that massive shift, ACHES has not touched the Home Series field at all.

Saints did come back eventually to the battlefield and compete again with the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Benching ACHES (and Lacefield) ended up being permanent as he wasn’t in the starting lineup.

ACHES Has Missed Out on Most of the Season

Unfortunately for players in the Call of Duty League, being on the bench means that you are unlikely to have a lot of game time in the competitions. They aren’t allowed to play in other competitions or tournaments around the Call of Duty scene, which limits how much practice they get.

This means that the only time they get to play is if the team brings them back into the starting roster or allows them to substitute for a starting player in a series or event. This system meant that ACHES has been largely absent from the Call of Duty scene for the vast majority of the season.

The last time he participated in an official league match in a series. It was the first Home Series Weekend event of the inaugural season when the London Royal Ravens hosted it. And that event didn’t do too well for the team either as they performed rather poorly, leading to the sudden decision.

Since then, the Los Angeles Guerrillas haven’t necessarily fared any better than before the roster shift. The most impressive run from the lower-tiered team was during the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series Weekend, where the team surprisingly made it to their first finals round on day three.

Los Angeles Guerrillas Didn’t Do Too Well This Season

This was an amazing accomplishment for the team that was consistently in last place during the first season of the Call of Duty League. Still, it was short-lived as the success there hasn’t been replicated since then, despite some close matches against greats like Atlanta FaZe.

In the end, the normal season of the Call of Duty League is over for the Los Angeles Guerrillas and three other teams after last weekend’s event. The place that they are in now is likely what they will be in leading into the playoffs season. And that place is none other than the last place where the team has primarily been for the season.

Unless some major defeats happen for the Seattle Surge at the upcoming Home Series Weekend, it is unlikely that this will change. We will probably see the Los Angeles Guerrillas go into the playoffs season at the bottom of the leaderboard.

It is unfortunate given the fact that ACHES is one of the more famous and beloved players in the business. Being a two-time world champion himself throughout the years, he has participated in Call of Duty competitions, the first being in 2014 with Complexity and again in 2018 with Evil Geniuses.

ACHES Won’t Play in the Championship This Year

This is the only time that he will not be at the championship tournament for this year’s competitive season since he started his professional Call of Duty career in the big leagues. But on the bright side, his teammates will be there as all 12 teams will play in the Call of Duty League Championship.

The playoffs season will begin next month on Aug. 19 and run for several days until four teams leave. Those top four teams in the playoffs will compete in the Championship finals later in August, where the champion team of the first season will be crowned.

The teams will start the playoffs season based on leaderboard placements at the end of the normal season. With only one more Home Series Weekend happening this weekend, there is only one more chance for eight of the 12 teams to turn things around in time for next month.


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