Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 Call of Duty League Team Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 13th 2020

After over a month of waiting to find out, the Los Angeles Guerrillas have detailed their starting roster for the upcoming 2021 season of the Call of Duty League. The Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 team has been announced. The players are rather interesting overall.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 Team Announced

The Guerrillas posted about their new roster this week on their official Twitter account. The Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 team was hyped up as expected by the organization as “the return to glory” for the team. This is likely due to the previous history of the team’s owners.

We now know the four starting players that will make up the Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 team for the Call of Duty League. The four players are officially Apathy, Assault, Silly, and Vivid. These are four rather intriguing names in the world of Call of Duty that is both exciting and interesting.

To kick off the starting roster, there is Vivid, who remains the only player to return in the 2021 season as someone who was part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas during the inaugural Call of Duty League season. The Guerrillas are far from the only team to have this method of only keeping one player.

That is good news for fans of Vivid as he was most definitely one of the star players of the rather messy Los Angeles Guerrillas during the 2020 season this year. This will allow the existing fans to continue to root for one of their fan-favorite players plus the three new ones.

Guerrillas Team Includes a Reunion of Three Former Champions

As for the three other players, these three come from different teams and backgrounds, but they have one thing in common. In Apathy’s case, he is a former starting player for the also unfortunate team Seattle Surge. This means that he is just moving from one last-place team to another.

The second player to join the Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 team is Assault, who comes from Minnesota Rokkr (who recently announced their shocking roster), where he was a starting player there for a time. And last but not least, we have Silly, who also comes from Minnesota Rokkr as one of the former starting players on their roster.

This means that an amalgamation of players from three of the worst teams in the Call of Duty League during the 2020 season will be coming together to form the new Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 team. That said, there is some promise in this team that shouldn’t be ignored at all.

After all, three of the four players on this team are former world champions at Call of Duty and fairly recently. Minus Vivid, the team of Apathy, Assault, and Silly, were all part of the 2018 Evil Geniuses team that could come through and secure a surprising world champion title.

Guerrillas Academy Team Also Announced

That was alongside ACHES, who was, ironically, part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas team for the 2020 season until he was dropped last month. This is rather unfortunate as the four players could have completely reunited from their World War 2 days in Call of Duty but just barely missed one another.

That said, with Vivid on their side as one of the leading players from the previous Guerrillas team, this starting roster of four solid players could end up much better than last season. I think there is potential for this team to do much better than they did this year.

Alongside the announcement of the main Guerrillas team, the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy team was also announced. It will contain four players, including some former Call of Duty League pro players, with the roster being Cheen, Exceed, Mental, and Nero.

Mental is fresh off from being a Gears of War pro and will make his debut next year in the Call of Duty scene, while Exceed also comes from Minnesota Rokka. Cheen is a former OpTic Gaming LA player. Nero is a fresh amateur who can show his skills in the 2021 season.

Guerrillas’ 2021 Team Is Interesting But Complicated

After all, Vivid was a fresh player who was signed to the Guerrillas in the middle of the 2020 season and ended up doing well enough to be the only returning player for this season. Last month, the Guerrillas made the tough decision to drop the entire roster except for him for the next season.

As for my verdict on this new roster that makes up the Los Angeles Guerrillas 2021 team, it is interesting to watch. With three former champions on the same team, this could prove very beneficial to the team, but all four players have had mixed results in the 2020 season.

Vivid is probably the standout one as a player who could thrive now that he has a different group of players to work with. As for the other three, here’s hoping that they aren’t going to have a repeat of this season. In the case of Silly and Assault, though, you could attribute it to the switch to online as that killed any momentum Rokkr had.

As for Seattle Surge, though, they were just one of the most disappointing teams all around, so here’s hoping that Apathy can return to his former glory in the next season. The switch to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War should, hopefully, allow the team to shine more. We will have to wait and see for now as more Call of Duty League 2021 teams need to be announced.


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