Loops Esports Disqualified From PUBG Mobile Global Championship League

by in PUBG Mobile | Dec, 21st 2020

It looks like the PUBG Mobile esports community will be shaken up entirely by removing an entire team and its players, effective immediately. The Loops Esports PUBG Mobile team has been removed entirely and disqualified from competing in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship League.

Loops Esports Has Been Disqualified

The disqualification announcement was revealed on the PUBG Mobile esports website by the team who works on the competitive side of the popular mobile battle royale game. The team announced its ruling in the matter, revealing why this happened and what will happen because of this.

The entire Loops Esports team has been disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship League. This sudden decision was made because of recent actions from the players who make up the team. This essential ban of sorts is not just for one or two players but also all of them. 

The entire team, including three players who make up the main roster, have been removed from the Championship League and will not participate in it moving forward. Furthermore, it has even affected their past achievements and the league.

Overall, it is a rather harsh punishment of nearly the utmost possible level from the PUBG Mobile esports team. Loops Esports will no longer be a major part of the Championship League. It doesn’t look like this will be changing for them anytime soon from what we know. 

All Three Players Protested in a Recent Match

All three players who make up the starting roster of this PUBG Mobile battle royale team — FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski — are involved in this competitive ruling and affected by it. All three players were involved in the actions that led to this decision from the PUBG Mobile company.

For those who don’t know, it is a rather lengthy tale that led to this particular moment in which the players were disqualified from the competitive league. It wasn’t something that was just tied to a specific single event but built over time. 

However, the event that led to this decision on the PUBG Mobile company’s part happened during the recent Supper Weekend 4. On day three of that event recently matches four and five involved the Loops Esports team choosing to protest a recent decision while in the battle. 

In the middle of the matches, the team headed to a church on one of the battle royale maps. It practically bowed down together in a protest against their former team captain Dadin being removed from the roster and other problems within the organization. 

This Affected the League Leaderboard

According to many in the community, this is the first protest that we have ever heard of happening in the middle of a legit PUBG Mobile competition. It is likely the case as we can’t recall any similar situations. The team chose to do this together and gave up their claim to win those matches.

After this happened, they gave no resistance whatsoever as one of the RRQ Athena players came in and took them out. Some of the team players didn’t even have weapons on them, showing that they had no desire even to try and win that match at all. 

According to some in the community, this would have landed Loops Esports in the sixth-placed spot, which is rather impressive. One of the top teams in the entire league gave it all up to show support for Dadin.

And it certainly ended up that way as the ruling has been given. They are now disqualified from the league for now. The exact rules that were quoted in the ruling are section 6.1.2 that has to do with the competition’s competitive integrity. 

A Harsh Punishment Was Given for Breaking the Rules

This rule states that “all teams and team members are expected to compete to the best of their skill and ability at all times in any tournament game.” In this way, it is used to note that, no, the team very clearly did not use their skills to compete to the best of their abilities. 

This is true. It is a rule in the league, so, in this way, it is a justified decision but one that will likely be met with controversy and disagreement from the community. The ruling is understandable, and the rule was technically broken, but the wording on the announcement is strange.

Rather than leaving it as breaking that rule, the company went pretty far to clarify that the team had “unsportsmanlike behavior.” Their refusal to fight “affected the final rankings of the league” and this violates the code of conduct in place.

Throughout the year, the company noted that Loops Esports had multiple incidents in which unsportsmanlike behavior was displayed. Being disqualified means losing all gained points, placement, and, yes, even prizing so far in the league. 

Further actions could even be announced at a later time. This is rather unfortunate and surprisingly brutal for a decision of this nature. Sure, the rules were broken, but this harsh punishment does seem rather unnecessary. It makes sense if the company wishes to ban the team from the rest of the league since they did break a rule.

But to remove all prizes earned thus far in the competition? That is pretty far to take this for something that was a protest that only harmed the team itself, instead of cheating or something else like that in which they would be better off than the other teams. It is a strange ruling, indeed.


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