Looking to Buy a PlayStation 5? Good Luck — Sony Says Shortages Will Last For a While

by in General | May, 10th 2021

If you’re looking to buy a PS5 and just can’t find one in stock, we unfortunately have a bit of bad news: it seems like you’ll have to wait a bit longer as PlayStation 5 shortages are going to extend into 2022 according to Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki. So, needless to say, this is about as official as it gets. 

During a recent briefing, Sony informed industry analysts and investors that they’re struggling to keep up with strong demand. The Japanese tech giant has sold over 7.8 million units up until March 31 and is aiming to sell about twice as much this year as well. That would generally be a fairly good pace, although it’s still far from sufficient given just how many people want to buy a PS5 and simply can’t

A Strange Time For the Tech World

Naturally, given the current state of the world and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sony wants to capitalize as much as possible on the fact that most folks are currently working (and gaming) from home; still, if they’re unable to produce enough consoles that’ll only remain wishful thinking. 

The ongoing semiconductor shortages have affected nearly all segments of the tech market, including PC hardware (graphics cards in particular), gaming consoles, mobile phones, and even the automotive industry. It’s definitely a strange time for the tech world and, unfortunately, it’s not going to get much better any time soon. 

So if you’re looking to buy a PS5, you’ll either have to buy one from a scalper (and overpay) or wait for this whole craziness to blow over. Neither of the two feels like a good option, but that’s just the world we live in — we’ll have to keep tight and wait for better days. Even if you do find one in stock at your local store, it’ll almost surely sell for a premium. Fortunately, it’s not like there’s a slew of alluring exclusives available for the PlayStation 5, so waiting things out shouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world. 

Hopefully by the time the 2021 holiday season comes around we’ll have an easier time getting our hands on Sony’s remarkable new console! 


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