London Royal Ravens Keep Only Seany, Releases All Other Players

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 9th 2020

The London Royal Ravens have joined the other Call of Duty League teams in announcing their plans for the 2021 season’s roster. The European team’s changes are honestly some of the boldest that we have seen thus far and could honestly be quite controversial.

Seany Is the Only Player Left on London’s Roster

Like the other teams, the London Royal Ravens announced their official team changes on Twitter. They released a post that was thanking the various team members that they are releasing for their contributions in the inaugural season of the league, and it is honestly surprising.

We’ve had some shocking moves from teams this week and last week, but there is no doubt that London has triumphed over everyone in terms of making some changes that we didn’t quite expect in this caliber. In the announcement post, they revealed that they are releasing seven players.

Yes, you did read that right. They are releasing seven players in total, which just so happens to tie with some other teams in the league for the most number of players released to date. That is a lot, but the number isn’t even the most shocking part of this announcement.

The London Royal Ravens CoD roster changes leave only one player remaining on their roster period. Yes, there is only one player who will stay with the team moving into the 2021 season: Sean “Seany” O’Connor.

London Royal Ravens Release Seven Players

The popular Scottish Call of Duty players is one of the up and coming players still early on. There is no doubt that he is a great player, but being the only remaining player on the team after these roster changes is shocking.

London Royal Ravens are getting rid of Skrapz, Dylan, Wushkin, Zer0, Rated, MadCat, and Nastie. This includes the entire starting lineup, except for Seany, and all of the substitute players. There will be no one left on the roster except for a single player.

This clarifies that the London Royal Ravens are planning to start over with their CoD roster for the 2021 season and possibly build it around Seany as their star player who will represent them moving forward. All in all, this isn’t a surprising move as it is one that other teams are also doing.

Both Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Guerrillas look to be doing a similar situation where they keep a single player who represents them well and will appeal to the long-running fans while allowing them to bring in new players so that they can, hopefully, do a whole lot better.

London Fans Aren’t Too Happy With This Decision

While that is great for Seattle and Los Angeles, who need those types of massive changes, it does make less sense for London to do this. Usually, I am pretty supportive of these massive shifts, but this could be a mistake if done wrong.

The community who followed London throughout the 2020 season’s entirety is filling the Twitter post comments with their disappointment of seeing players like Dylan no longer be part of the team. They seem to be the most disappointed out of any fan base thus far.

Sure, there have been complaints from teams about releasing one specific player, but London’s fans are lamenting the fact that the team is releasing their entire roster except for one. This is potentially a problem for the team and could be considered a poor move.

The London Royal Ravens weren’t a bad team during the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. Right from the start, they were in the middle of the pack as a good team but not terrible or amazing at the time.

The Royal Ravens Did Good This Season

For most of the season, they stayed right there, hovering around that sixth place middle spot. They started that way in the season and ended it that way, finishing off the season in the middle of the board even though teams like Toronto Ultra, New York Subliners, and OpTic Gaming LA finally showed up the end.

That average performance was good, though, and then London showed up in the playoffs season with everything that they had. They shocked the entire community by their impressive showing during the finals. They lost their very first match against Toronto in the finals but didn’t let that stop them.

They went all out in the elimination bracket, taking out several teams that were good there on their way to the championship weekend. They could eliminate Toronto in a rematch, granting them an unexpected fourth spot in the championship weekend.

While teams like Chicago Huntsmen, Atlanta FaZe, and Dallas Empire were all expected to be there, London was the one wildcard that caused many fans to get behind for the championship. They did get eliminated by Chicago and ended up in fourth place, but that was a spectacular run.

This Could Be a Bad Move for London

The team should be proud of their performance. This move doesn’t seem to signify that at all. It is fine to remove the London Royal Ravens CoD roster’s substitutes and maybe two of the starting roster, but this is pretty unnecessarily drastic. This is the exact type of move that could spell disaster in the next season.

In the end, it all depends on who they sign to play with Seany for the 2021 season. But the problem is that, while there are a lot of players that they could choose from, the majority of them are players emoved from their teams for a good reason.

There are only a few awesome players that London could sign on for the team. Most of them will likely go to other teams like the New York Subliners, Toronto Ultra, and so on. While it made sense for their rivals, Paris Legion, to make a similar move, it doesn’t make as much sense for London.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Paris Legion picked up Dylan and some of London’s other players for their roster. That would significantly boost their strength in the next season and possibly allow for them to do much better, given that it will be a Black Ops game this time around. Stay tuned as we should find out more about new player signings soon.


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