London Royal Ravens Drop Zer0, Coach Dominate

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 29th 2021

The London Royal Ravens have made a huge decision regarding the state of the current roster, and it is a sad one. The Royal Ravens are releasing two different organization members permanently without, seemingly, a chance of them returning or anything in the future. 

London Royal Ravens Drop Zer0

The Ravens posted on their Twitter account, noting that it is “with a heavy heart” that the team has announced that it is officially releasing Zer0 from the team roster moving forward. This is a very sad decision to happen as the player was highly anticipated for joining the roster this season. 

The London Royal Ravens dropping Zer0 is an unfortunate one but a move that we can understand. The decision had nothing to do with the talent or performance of the player per se, hence why we have this rare occasion where an organization formally announces that it is dropping someone. 

Because it had nothing to do with the performance of Zer0 in the 2021 season, that is why this more transparent message was released. Instead, the drop of the pro player has to do with the visa situation, which has been a huge problem. 

At the beginning of the 2021 season, he was expected to play as a starting member, but that never came to fruition with him still out of the U.S. Due to how the season is structured this year, he needed to be in the U.S. to compete. 

This Release Was Due to the Ongoing Visa Issues

But he had trouble getting into the country due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, forcing him to wait in his country and not be able to play immediately. But here we are in the third stage of the 2021 season, and he is still unable to participate. 

So, it makes sense that the London Royal Ravens would decide to formally drop Zer0 from the roster as it looks unlikely that he will even be able to compete at all in the season. And even if he can finally secure a visa, it would be later on, likely in the fourth stage or beyond that.

It is really hard to make a huge shift in the team dynamic like that so late into the season, especially when most of the teams will have their roster pretty set at that point. That could turn out well for a team, but it could also end disastrously at the same time. 

For a team like the London Royal Ravens, that could be great when they are currently the last place team on the standings, but there have been some suitable replacements for Zer0 in the meantime. Initially, the sub for him would be Parasite, but there were some issues with his performance.

PaulEhx and Zaptius Can Carry the Torch for Zer0

Due to that, Parasite was released after his temporary run. The rookie PaulEhx from the terrific WestR Challengers division team joined the starting lineup. The team has still struggled. The most recent change has been the benching of Dylan in favor of bringing on Zaptius for the third stage.

The arrival of Zaptius is an exciting one as he is a former teammate of PaulEhx. We could see some great results because of that, but we will have to wait and see. With this mix of the new pro rookies and the veterans like Seany, the team seems set at this point. 

As such, it makes sense that the London Royal Ravens would want to cut their losses at this point with Zer0 and keep the roster that they currently have as their permanent one, so long as the results are great. However, Zer0 isn’t the only person to be released at this time. 

Head Coach Dominate Also Released Due to Visa Issues

The other member of the London Royal Ravens to be released is none other than the head coach for the team: Dominate. As he has also been stuck overseas this season and unable to enter the U.S., it makes sense that the organization would move forward with the coaches they currently have instead. 

It looks like Dominate will be taking some time off and then head to the Challengers division to, hopefully, coach one of the teams there. Understandably, both organization members have been dropped as they were cutting into the budget at this time. 

As team members, they had a right to the salary that they were promised every month, and rightfully so. But that can be pretty costly since they were unable to fulfill their roles. As such, the Royal Ravens are now saving money by releasing the two members at this time. 

Hopefully, that budget will now allow the Royal Ravens to look into more members joining the organization in the future. We will have to wait and see that London has a long road of recovery this season if it wants to be even close to the Cinderella story that it was last year in the inaugural season.

They need to recover now since we are now halfway through the season, as previously mentioned. There is still a chance for nearly any team to break into the top eight and make it to the playoffs this year right now, given the rather small number of points that separate the bottom five or so teams. In the second week of Stage 3, the London Royal Ravens have two matches to show off their new addition with Zaptius: one against the Subliners and another against Atlanta FaZe. 


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