London Royal Ravens Bring Back Alexx for Stage 4

by in Call of Duty | May, 18th 2021

It looks like the London Royal Ravens are making some huge changes to its roster in hopes of salvaging what’s left of this current 2021 season. A London Royal Ravens Alexx return has been announced, revealing that the popular player is making his long-awaited comeback on the roster. 

London Royal Ravens Alexx Return Announced

As you may know, Alexx previously was part of the starting lineup for the Royal Ravens but had to leave the team due to personal reasons and return to the UK. Since then, other players have had to come in and fill his place as well as try to make up for the poor performance of the team. 

But, now, it looks like the long-awaited London Royal Ravens Alexx return is finally happening. It looks like the “Brits are coming back”, according to the Tweet from the official London team account. Alexx will be resuming his role on the main roster of the team just in time for the start of Stage 4. 

It seems that the stars have aligned for the player to come back across the borders to the US just in time for the new stage of the competition to begin. And it is not a moment too soon, either, as the fourth stage will be kicking off in just over a week from now with a short break happening this week. 

With the return of London Royal Ravens Alexx to the main roster for the Call of Duty League team, this may have some fans wondering what is going on with the rest of the players. After all, the team has a pretty solid lineup of four players already at this time. 

Zaptius Is Leaving the Team

Well, unfortunately, it seems that one player will have to move to the bench in order to make room for Alexx. That player is none other than Zaptius, who is being dropped from the team in order to make way for the return of Alexx to the roster. 

This is quite unfortunate as Zaptius was the most recent addition to the London Royal Ravens from the Challengers division. He has been a great part of the roster and one whose presence was felt in the last several matches that the team has competed in. 

It is sad to see him go, and that leaves the London Royal Ravens with a new starting roster. In fact, the news doesn’t end there as the team also announced in the same tweet that it is signing two more people. One of them is a brand new coach for the team and the other a new player. 

Afro, a substitute player for the London Royal Ravens, will be joining the team in the US for the first time finally. Like some of the others players in the league, Afro had issues with some visa problems coming from the UK to the US but those have seemingly been resolved now. 

Afro and Dominate Finally Join the Royal Ravens in the US

As for the role that Afro will play, there are reports that he will be joining the team not as a substitute as expected, but one of the leading players in the biggest shift to the London roster this season at once. The new starting roster will seemingly be Seany, Alexx, Afro, and PaulEhx. 

It seems that the London Royal Ravens Alexx return doesn’t just mean the moving of Zaptius but Zed as well. Zed originally came to the team to fill a hole left by Alexx when he suddenly had to go back to the UK for family reasons, so it does make sense for Zed to now go back to the bench. 

Furthermore, there is actually good news for one of the people of the London Royal Ravens roster that we mentioned previously. In the past, we noted that Dominate was released from the organization entirely because of the fact that he was unable to make it to the US with ongoing visa issues. 

Fortunately, London has seemingly reversed this decision and Dominate has made it to the US in time for Stage 4, and will, therefore, be returning to the team as a leading member. This is starting to sound like great news for the London Royal Ravens who weren’t able to catch a break, with all of the visa and other issues happening. 

Can the London Royal Ravens Continue to Improve?

This led to the team being the worst in the entire league for a long time at the bottom of the leaderboard, but that has started to change with the most recent Major. It is possible that we could see even more changes with this new squad that is seemingly what the organization wanted it to be from the start. 

However, the one concern that we have with the state of the London Royal Ravens is the fact that the team has been recently doing quite well. The loss of Zaptius is going to be potentially felt as the team did win two of the matches in the normal group play of Stage 3.

It wasn’t enough to help the team get out of the bottom bracket of the Major for Stage 3, but the team was able to recover from there and win two matches in a row to eliminate both Paris Legion and, surprisingly, Minnesota Rokkr in a pretty easy fashion. 

Though they were then subsequently eliminated by the Los Angeles Thieves, the London Royal Ravens had their best run yet in a Major and Stage in general, doing well enough to earn some valuable points and prize money in the process. 

They are no longer at the bottom of the leaderboard because of that, so it will be interesting to see whether or not London can keep this newfound improvement going with these huge changes to their roster. Now is the time, though, as they have a good way to go before they can recover enough to make it to the top eight in time for the end of the season.


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