LoL’s Demotion Shield is Expiring; What Does That Mean?

by in League of Legends | Oct, 27th 2020

A notification has been popping up in LoL/TFT lately, informing players that their Demotion Shield is expiring. But what does that mean exactly? Sounds to us like players need to start getting wins or suffer the worst fate of all: Demotion. This is something that has been in the game for as long as we can remember. 

Get Good or Go Back

The idea is that when you climb to a new tier or division, you get a chance to start climbing, without a fear of being demoted. There’s always going to be a ranked climb where you get to a new tier (say, Gold IV) and immediately start losing. A few games in a row where you do nothing but lose is pretty soul-crushing. Thankfully LoL’s Demotion Shield will keep you from dropping but now you get a message when it’s expiring.

In this writer’s personal experience, it lasts for about 3 games in a new division (Silver III to Silver II), and 10 games when you climb to a new tier (Silver to Gold). However, now it’s a bit less mysterious. In personal experience, this writer would start dropping games, and it ultimately created unease and stress. Now you have to worry that every match is going to devolve into demotion. That in turn creates stressful situations where misplays and poor performance can crop up. 

This new notification, “Demotion Shield is expiring soon” gives you a notification that you could be dropping a tier in LoL should you keep losing. Does it really help? Honestly, not a lot. “Soon” isn’t really clear. It could be your next game or the next two games. There’s a pretty high chance that if you’re seeing this message, you’re about to demote. When you do demote, you’ll drop between 25 to 75 LP, depending on the amount of losses you had at 0 LP. The worse you’ve been doing, the more points you’re going to lose.

The most important advice we can give if you’re seeing this notification is to be calm. Definitely don’t tell anyone in your game that you saw this notification. You’ll just get toxic crap in response. If you’ve been playing a bunch of games back-to-back and are losing a lot, consider taking a break. No sense tilting further. Or at the very least, play some normals/ARAM so you don’t run the risk of dropping games due to anger. 

Just relax, don’t stress. We already put too much weight on our shoulders when playing ranked in League of Legends; trust us, we know. 

But we here at Esports Talk believe in you! Just take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax. You will start winning again, and the dreadful notification will go away. Perhaps the game should just point out exactly how many matches you’ll need to lose in a row before a demotion would happen. That way, we don’t need to see a notification or worry about when it’s going to happen.


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