Logic and Pusha-T Now Own Chaos Esports Team

by in Entertainment | Aug, 26th 2020

Honestly, Logic getting into the esports game by owning a team didn’t surprise us much. He’s exclusively signed to Twitch as a streamer, so perhaps it was only a matter of time. However, now we have learned that The GG Group consists of names like Pusha-T, Logic, Upscale Vandal, Billy Levy, and many more now own Chaos EC and Do Not Peek Entertainment. The goal? To “organize chaos.” We think if anyone can, they can.

Pusha-T and Logic are going to push hard for industry and culture changes that are more than needed in esports right now. There need to be positive moves made in our culture to make it inclusive and welcoming, while also competitive. Can they do it? We’re putting our money on “yes.”

Inclusivity Is So Important

Ramon Gamble, president of the GG Group, recently wrote an open letter to fans of the Chaos Esports team, and it addressed Logic. Instead of doing this on the sly, Gamble openly states his intentions to help incite change in esports’ culture and the world around us.

“I’ve been a part of this ownership group close to two years now and since the beginning my main call to action was to focus on the lack of inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry,” Pusha-T told Complex of the announcement. “Any business I’m a part of has to be proactive in using its resources and platform to support the fight against social injustice.”

It’s not just about esports. The world is on fire right now, and Chaos EC sees this. Gamble spoke about this in his open letter. “The GG Group team has been incredibly inspired by those that have hit the streets to voice their anger, frustration, pain, and despair are showing a brave display of the power and energy of organized chaos. The youngest of us have harnessed this energy by staging online protests, ruining “presidential rallies,” destroying racist hashtags, and raising money for good causes.”

They stand in solidarity with those fighting for change and have outlined some moves they’re going to make to help the world around them. First off, they’re going to support grassroots organizations that are out on the streets, fighting against systemic racism and police brutality, like NYC Revolutionaries. The Chaos esports team and Logic are donating protest essentials and making donations to non-profits like Equal Justice Initiative to fight against mass incarceration and address racial inequality.

On that note, Chaos is owned by a very diverse, inclusive group, but they admit they could be better. The team is setting goals for the makeup of their team and leadership. The non-competitive side of things will be far more diverse, but they also spoke about the esports side. A “meaningful number of our new signees will be people from underrepresented communities,” which is amazing to hear.

Gamble also said that they “are beginning to partner with and amplify organizations within the gaming community that are focused on diversity within the industry, such as Gameheads.” Esports needs to improve, but so does the world in general. To see esports orgs look at this, and do what they can to help those in need? You love to see it.

Though Logic and Chaos Esports team admit, they don’t know everything or have all the answers, especially when improving the gaming community. They’re going to crowdsource some opportunities to help them serve and support, and offer an email address to email them at. If you have ideas or are already organizing the chaos, feel free to reach out to them, which was addressed in their letter.

It sounds to us like some pretty top-tier people involved in Chaos, and are genuinely looking to make things better. It’s key for people with such huge audiences and wide-spread appeal to use it for good instead of evil. We have to thank Pusha-T, Logic, and the rest of Chaos Esports for all they’re trying to do to organize chaos.


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