Liquid Media Group Announce An NFT Platform,

by in General | Apr, 20th 2021

Editor’s Note: When this piece came to our attention, we mistakenly credited this to Team Liquid Esports. The Red Carpet NFTs comes courtesy of Liquid Media Group, which is a business solutions company that empowers independent IP creators.

The NFT craze is really heating up, and Liquid Media is getting on board with the announcement of their Red Carpet NFTs. This is done in conjunction with CurrencyWorks, and will bring fans up close and behind-the-scenes to some of their favorite Hollywood personalities and films. What can we expect here?

Red Carpet NFTs Drop in May

NFTs are “non-fungible tokens,” which means it’s a token that cannot be replaced for something else. You can trade bitcoin for other bitcoins, or cash for merchandise. What this boils down to, is you receive a digital trading card that is completely unique. Were you to trade it for another NFT, it would be a completely different NFT. This is like taking the MTG card Black Lotus and trading it for a Babe Ruth baseball card. 

Cameron Chell, CurrencyWorks Chairman explains a bit more what NFTs are: “Unlike cryptocurrency coins, NFTs are unique. They can’t be exchanged like-for-like, which is something you can do with Bitcoin or Dogecoin. The ability to store extra information like movie scenes, music, or gaming content allows IP owners the opportunity to leverage their brand, their imagination, and really connect with fans on an exciting new level while adding new revenue streams at the same time.”

Liquid Media is releasing their own NFT line, Red Carpet NFTs in May 2021 and will be as much about experiences as they are collectibles. Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media, had this to say: “We’re excited to showcase the creativity and versatility NFTs can bring to fans, the entertainment industry, and IP holders. When fans get the opportunity to own never-before-seen footage or a chance to capture a rare experience with a celebrity or walk the Red Carpet at a future movie premiere, the world will quickly understand the value NFTs will offer.”

Through, Liquid Media will drop their Red Carpet NFTs for their fans. is a community and trading platform where fans can buy, sell, or discuss NFTs as well as speculate on the next Liquid drop. 

Thomson also had this to say about the Red Carpet NFTs: “Liquid’s Red Carpet NFTs are a powerful component of our end-to-end solutions package for professional video IP creators. We will be there to support these creative visionaries from concept to monetization so that they can fully leverage their entertainment IP.”

As of this moment, we can only speculate on the nature of these drops. But if they are going to be Hollywood/Red Carpet-themed, they will likely be NFTs based on classic, big-budget films.


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