Natus Vincere Wins, Disheartening CR4ZY Elimination

By Pavo Jurkic

September 4, 2019



The disheartening CR4ZY elimination was not the closure I expected coming into the final day of the Legends Stage. Yes, Natus Vincere was the favorite team coming into the fifth round, but knowing CR4ZY’s aggressive plays and all the trouble they caused to Astralis, I was among the people who expected the tenacious Balkan team to qualify for the Champions Stage and go down in history books.

Even though they showed their true might on Mirage, with a couple of bad calls and unlucky situational disasters, CR4ZY players weren’t able to keep their lead. They eventually allowed Natus Vincere to make a proper comeback and keep their StarLadder Berlin Major dream alive.

Disheartening CR4ZY Elimination

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Call me a fanboy, but I wanted this CR4ZY roster to succeed. I wanted to see them face off against NRG in the playoffs, not only because I’m also from the Balkan (although that was a legit reason too), but because I think they’re a better fit against Brehze, CeRq, and the company. Unfortunately, disheartening CR4ZY elimination took me by surprise, and I already watched the second round twice after the live show ended. I couldn’t believe everything that happened throughout their contest on Inferno.

What went wrong on the second map, Inferno, where CR4ZY had a solid lead coming into the last few rounds of the match? Well, S1mple showed up. One of the world’s greatest fraggers, the 21-year-old Oleksandr Kostyliev showed a glimpse of his brilliance and took down two CR4ZY players with a single AWP shot through the smoke. All he had to do was turn the odds in his team’s favor and clinch the third map.

On Nuke, everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. CR4ZY players were nowhere to be seen. EspiranTo, ottoNd and nexa were trying their best; even LETN1 was going back and forth with decent contributions. HunTer, unfortunately, went MIA, finishing off with just three kills in a 20-round map.

S1mple Still Missing

Perhaps this disheartening CR4ZY elimination wouldn’t hurt so much if they were swept away by S1mple’s brilliance. However, he wasn’t playing all that well and had only a couple of good rounds to his tally. Electronic and flamie (heck, even zeus) were doing the dirty work, pushing NaVi to the third map and ultimately driving their org to the top eight.

However, I believe NaVi’s story will end tomorrow, solely because of S1mple’s absence. NRG isn’t as prone to silly mistakes as CR4ZY, and they’re a much more experienced team with the ability to punish S1mple’s absence. Of course, there’s a good chance S1mple gets back to his usual self, but even then, in-form NRG should see this one through and clinch the semifinals.

Bright Future Ahead of CR4ZY

Despite the disheartening CR4ZY elimination, I’ll dare to say they are StarLadder Major’s biggest breakthrough team. Their aggressive, unconventional, and at times outright magnificent plays, coupled together with individual brilliance, it’s safe to say CR4ZY has a bright future.

It’s still a relatively young team with high aspirations of reaching the top of the food chain. Their StarLadder Berlin end-result places them at the 9th to 11th place, an excellent start for an org that just recently went through a rebrand.

CR4ZY CEO Antonio Meic is a genius in his own right, and I’m sure he has what it takes to lead and manage this roster to the very top of the pro CS:GO scene! There have been rumors of possible roster sales, but fingers crossed this guy gets at least one more shot at the next Major to show the world the true potential of this roster!

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Quarterfinals Schedule (CEST)

Now that we’ve analyzed the NaVi vs. CR4ZY Legends Stage match and finished the CR4ZY discussion let’s turn our attention to the upcoming games that start tomorrow!

    Thursday, September 5

  • ENCE vs. Renegades – 3 p.m.
  • Team Vitality vs. AVANGAR – 6.30 p.m.
  • Friday, September 6

  • Astralis vs. Team Liquid – 3 p.m.
  • Natus Vincere vs. NRG Esports – 6.30 p.m.

The final three matches are scheduled for Saturday (semifinals) and Sunday (grand finals). You can watch the action live here.


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