Legends of Runeterra’s Rise of the Underworlds Expansion Drops June 30th

by in Legends of Runeterra | Jun, 21st 2021

Legends of Runeterra’s Rise of the Underworlds expansion is coming later this month, and it ends the Empires of the Ascended set. We’re very excited to see what comes in the 40 cards of the expansion, but one thing we know for sure: Three incredible new champions are coming in the set. If you’ve watched the teaser trailer, you already know who is coming, but we’re going to share them with you here as well. This expansion also aims to shake up the meta, by bringing some classic meta decks back in some shape. How, though?

A Jungler, A Support, and A Mage Walk Into a Bar

Fallen Feline (1-Cost Rare Minion, Piltover and Zaun): A 2/1 for 1, this feline, when summoned, creates a Hexite Crystal in the bottom 10 cards of your deck. That might sound like a weird idea, but we’re going tow ant to Predict these as often as possible. I’ll get into what that does soon! It’s not a bad card, and it creates more created cards, and we love that in Piltover and Zaun.

Hexite Crystal (2-Cost Fast Spell, Piltover and Zaun): We imagine this will only be created via other cards. If you see this card in a Prediction, you draw it immediately. That sounds like you’d get two cards in the prediction, which is powerful. This Fast spell deals 2 damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus. I love it already. I want to see Hexcite Crystal creation in every Viktor and Ez deck right now. We’ll see how widely they’re used, but I like the idea so far.

Snapjaw Swarm (2-Cost Common Lurker Minion, Bilgewater): Snapjaw Swarm has no attack, and this low-attack stereotype will probably be true across most of the Lurk minions. When you play this Lurk 0/2, it starts a free attack. So if you have a Lurker on top of your deck, this minion will immediately gain +1/+0. Since it’s a free attack, it sounds like it will probably still let you attack after this, so you don‘t mess up any other strategy.

Xer’sai Hatchling (1-Cost Common Lurker Minion, Shurima): A 1/1 with Fearsome? That’s interesting. But it also has Lurk, so it’s likely going to grow more powerful quickly. It’s a 1/1 out of the gate, but each time Lurk triggers per turn, it’s going to grow. It’s only a 1-cost too, so it’s 100% worth having around. We’re very curious again, to see what Legends of Runeterra does in the Rise of the Underworlds expansion.

Change is Coming

These are all of the cards revealed as of this announcement. As more come to light, we’ll be posting about them, so you’re up to date on all the new, powerful cards coming to Legends of Runeterra, when June 30th rolls around. It’s a good time to be a card games fan! However, there are other changes on the way in this expansion as well. Riot Games has stated Rise of the Underworlds will have one of the largest balance patches to come since the initial LoR launch!

The idea is that it will completely shake up the metagame, and empower champions and archetypes from the previous expansions, which is something we haven’t seen in a while. That means we’re hopefully going to see more than just the current power decks that stick around patch after patch. While we don’t know what the patch will change, this is also something we’re going to be taking a close look at.

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