Legends of Runeterra Open Beta Begins in Late January

by in League of Legends | Jan, 13th 2020

The Legends of Runeterra open beta almost there, and frankly, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get to it. Somehow, I’ve yet to gain access. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything. I only have to wait a few weeks, and then I can tackle this exciting new card game.

I love card games, and this will be a fun new adventure for me. I’m familiar with League of Legends already, so the characters and lore are something I know. This beta will also be the first “season” of the game, going from Iron to Masters, just like in League.

A Head Start

Those who played in the previous patches will get a tiny head start over the other players, though. Those people will be able to start the Legends of Runeterra open beta on January 23. Everyone else starts on January 24. But, until January 20, you can pre-register on PC. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait like everyone else.

Perhaps the biggest part and the biggest lure for players will be “no resets.” The previous patches will have hard resets, but not the open beta. This means those that work towards making the Legends of Runeterra beta as good as possible will have a head start when the game officially goes live. I’ve always said that beta tests should be just that: a test. But having a ranked season during beta is something I’m conflicted about.

Does that mean I won’t be taking part? Don’t be ridiculous. Of course, I’ll be in the ranked Legends of Runeterra, doing everything I can to grind as high as possible. I never got past Gold in League of Legends, but I’m much better at card games. So, as of January 24, it will be time for us to get busy and focus on card games.

Change Is Good

We did hear that there are quite a few changes and updates coming with the launch. Several of these should have been in MTG Arena from the start. Perhaps the biggest is the Client Friends list and Challenge-a-Friend Mode for casual matches with your pals.

One of the biggest advantages digital-only card games have over games like MTG Arena is the ability to update and change. You can’t edit/nerf MTG Arena cards. They can only be banned or restricted. But Legends of Runeterra allows for buffs and nerfs. This card game will be only in the digital world as far as we’ve seen.

So far, 20 cards have been updated, and Aniviai saw a major overhaul. By all accounts, it was necessary. Three new guardians have been confirmed, and the first new board will be appearing. As a free to play card game, there’s always the fear of it becoming a pay-to-win nightmare, but so far, I’m not getting that vibe.

From what I understand, that’s why Legends of Runeterra isn’t going to be focused on getting new packs of cards. I hope it doesn’t use a cruel, awful “dust” system to craft cards. That is my least-favorite approach to card games in general. However, I did see that anyone who plays in the Legends of Runeterra open beta will earn a free Moonstruck Poro guardian for the full launch.

Another definitive positive is that Legends of Runeterra will have full cross-platform between mobile and PC. If it ever comes to console, I imagine it will follow suit as well. The lore is so deep for League of Legends, so I’m excited to see what kinds of deck builds and new features will come with Legends of Runeterra.

More importantly, my thought is that this could be a great way to introduce new champions to League of Legends, or even tease lore characters who aren’t in League but deserve to be utilized in some fashion. The more I write about Legends of Runeterra, and think about League characters and lore appearing here, the more it makes me want to reinstall/update League of Legends on my PC.


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