Legends of Runeterra News - Updates, Reveals, Events, and Esports in 2020

Despite it being one of Riot Games’ first full projects after League of Legends, it’s safe to say that Legends of Runeterra has captured the hearts of TCG fans across the world. With a unique and inventive approach to deck building combat, Legends of Runeterra manages to feel completely fresh yet familiar all at the same time. Join us for our Legends of Runeterra news updates for info on upcoming champions, events, patches, and more.

Up to Date Legends of Runeterra News

Jason Parker | October 14, 2020
One of our favorite times in a card game’s life is “Expansion Time”. With Legends […]
Petar Vukobrat | October 12, 2020
A brand-new K/DA event that spans three entirely different games has just been announced by […]
Jason Parker | August 25, 2020
Now personally, this writer is wildly excited for Legends of Runeterra’s 1.8 Patch Notes! Why? […]
Jason Parker | August 17, 2020
Trundle is one of this writer’s absolute favorite League of Legends champions. He’s bulky, fast, […]
Jason Parker | August 13, 2020
The next expansion for Legends of Runeterra is going to be Call of the Mountain, […]
Jason Parker | June 19, 2020
Legends of Runeterra is dropping patch 1.4 next week. With it comes a new season: […]
Jason Parker | May 15, 2020
Though DogDog came out on top with a deck in Legends of Runeterra that is […]
Jason Parker | May 14, 2020
Twitch Rivals is back, and this time, they’re featuring some new, intense card game action! […]
Jason Parker | April 20, 2020
It’s almost time for Legends of Runeterra’s first expansion, and with it comes some bonkers […]
Jason Parker | April 17, 2020
On April 28, the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra will be dropping and with […]
Jason Parker | March 16, 2020
Legends of Runeterra’s Patch 0.9.2 is on the way, and with it will come a […]
Jason Parker | March 11, 2020
That’s right, Singapore gains access to the mobile Legends of Runeterra release before anyone else […]
Jason Parker | February 28, 2020
One of the hot buttons for Legends of Runeterra in my circle of players seems […]
Jason Parker | February 17, 2020
Patch 0.9.0 of Legends of Runeterra is on the way, and with it comes the […]
Jason Parker | January 13, 2020
The Legends of Runeterra open beta almost there, and frankly, I’ve been chomping at the […]