Legends of Runeterra Spoilers Unveil Trundle for Call of the Mountain Expansion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Aug, 17th 2020

Trundle is one of this writer’s absolute favorite League of Legends champions. He’s bulky, fast, annoying, and he hits like a school bus skidding along an icy road. When we heard about a spoiler for Trundle in Legends of Runeterra, we were naturally excited. He’s going to be a control player’s dream (so Jason, basically). For those of you who want to play Freljord midrange and control decks, he’s going to be a must-pick at this rate.

Trundle wasn’t the only card revealed, so we’re going to go over some of the awesome cards coming in the Call of the Mountain expansion for Legends of Runeterra. We have new champs, new spells, and a new mechanic!

He’s the King; Better Not Forget It

With Trundle in Legends of Runeterra, a new keyword comes into play: Behold. Behold grants a bonus if you have a type of card in play or in hand. Why is this so important? Trundle is a champion that costs 5 mana, and Behold is a mechanic in his leveled-up form. So, here’s his stats. Trundle’s a 4/6 champion with Regeneration. When summoned, you create an Ice Pillar in hand. He levels up when you summon/play an Ice Pillar.

However, Ice Pillar is not cheap. It’s an 8-mana follower and is a 0/8. It has Vulnerable. When you play it, it refills 8 mana. It’s free if you have the mana to cast it in the first place. When you play it, and on each Round Start, it “Gives the Strongest enemy Vulnerable this round.” The Ice Pillar is wildly powerful for that.

When you level up Trundle by casting the Ice Pillar, he becomes a 5/7 with Regeneration/Overwhelm. When summoned, he still creates an Ice Pillar, and when he attacks, he triggers “Grant me +1/+0 for each 8+ cost card you Behold.” For each 8+ card in play for you, and each one in your hand, he gets +1/+0. That’s not an “until end of turn effect” either. He’s just going to get bigger, stronger, angrier. Freljord is filled with high-cost cards too. Not to mention, you could pair it with another high-cost faction like say, Noxus. The Legends of Runeterra Trundle reveal is amazing. Are there more cards to talk about?

You better believe it!

More Freljord and Lulu Too!

Another of my favorite new card is Augur of the Old Ones (6-cost Follower, Overwhelm, Regenerate). Much like Trundle (because they’re both trolls), he regenerates and has Overwhelm. When you play this 5/5, if you Behold an 8+ cost card, grant an ally Overwhelm and Regeneration. You can turn your favorite creature into an unstoppable killing machine. Consider using this on Darius, Tryndamere, or anything else that’s huge and angry. Even though those both have Overwhelm already, giving them Regenerate would be hilarious. On top of that, Augur’s only a rare!

Trundle comes with a new spell too for Legends of Runeterra, like all champions. Icequake/Trundle’s Icequake is a Slow spell and gives ALL units this round -3/-0. It also deals 3 damage to ALL units. Shuffle a Trundle into your deck. It’s a great control option if you don’t have anything that’s going to die in play (or even if they will. Destroy the enemy too)! He also brings with him Revitalizing Roar (7-mana), which is another Slow Spell. You pick a unit in your hand to reveal. Then heal your Nexus by its Power total. If you’re Enlightened (have 10 mana), you reduce the cost of that card to 0! Tryndamere anyone? Yes? Maybe? Or your huge 10-cost minions!

Resplendent Stellacorn is another new minion for 5-mana that heals your Nexus and an ally by 3 when you play it. That’s just handy to have around, and it’s a ⅘. Finally, there’s Broadbacked Protector (4-cost follower). This is an epic follower that at the start of a round, it heals your Nexus for 3. Then you deal damage to him equal to the amount healed. If you grant him the boon from Augur of the Old Ones, he’ll almost always stick around and constantly heal your Nexus.

This is going to be a wild control season for Freljord, that’s for sure. We love these cards. This expansion’s almost here too, dropping on Aug. 26. It will come with seven new champions and 82 non-champion cards. We have one more champion to reveal, too: Lulu!

Lulu’s an Ionian champion, and frankly, this continues the thought of “Ionia goes with anything.” Lulu, in particular, because she’s a buffing monster. For a measly 3 mana, you can summon Lulu. When she supports an ally, they grow up to 4/4 this round. You use that with a deck that summons weak minions (Shadow Isles/Elise comes to mind). How do you level her? Just support your allies 3+. It doesn’t have to be her, so you can combine her with cards like Shen.

The leveled-up form of Lulu creates a Fleeting Help, Pix at the start of every round. She also becomes a ¾. Also, her supporting ally becomes a 5/5 when supporting them. Help, Pix is going to be a must-use for Barrier-defensive decks (or any deck in general). For 1 mana, you give an ally Barrier or an enemy Vulnerable. However, it can’t cast in response to a spell or combat. That way, you can’t just have a busted way to prevent an ally from dying every turn forever.

She also comes with her style of spells/followers. Pix (1-cost) is a new follower who has support: Give my supported ally +2/+1 this round and 0/1. She’s weak but undoubtedly handy to have around. Lulu’s Whimsy (4-cost) is a Burst Speed spell that transforms a follower into a 1/1 Squirrel that is also Silenced this round. Shuffle a Lulu into your deck. It’s such a great way to stop a powerful follower from winning in one turn, or simply stalling them out until you win. There’s a pair of new regular followers too. Fae Guide (4-cost) has Play: Grant an ally Elusive, which will likely be dropped right on Lulu. Or you could give it to someone like Lee Sin! Startled Stomper (2-cost) is a ⅔ with Overwhelm. So, we’ll want to use it as a possible buff target.

Perhaps, a hilarious card to come out of this expansion is the Swole Squirrel (4-cost) and is a ¾. But when it strikes, you double its power. You want to combine it with a support minion, like the new Fuzzy Caretaker (4-cost). That’s a 3/3 follower that when it’s supported, it gains +0/+3 this round. But if it’s supporting someone, that ally gains +3/+0 this round. That’s going to make one buff squirrel.

These are just some cards coming to Legends of Runeterra with Trundle in the Call of the Mountain expansion! What champions aren’t in the game that deserve to be? We’d love to know! We’re glad Taric is finally in the game, but what about you?


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