Legends of Runeterra Reveals Swain and More for Upcoming Expansion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Apr, 17th 2020

On April 28, the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra will be dropping and with it comes a mighty Noxian – Swain! That’s right, Jericho Swain joins the already revealed Quinn, Sejuani, and Maokai as upcoming champions to the game. I’ll go into them in brief after we focus on today’s reveal! We recently discussed the current patch notes for the game, which come ahead of this expansion. You can find the patch notes here!

Swain Discussion

Swain is a hyper-aggressive champion both in Legends of Runeterra as well as League of Legends. With that, he fits in nicely with the Noxus archetypes that Legends of Runeterra already has. How aggressive, you might say? Well, he has an ability [Nexus Strike], that triggers when he hits the Nexus directly. When he deals damage to the Nexus, an extra 3 damage is dealt to said Nexus. He’s a 3/6 for 5, and when he has done 12 non-combat damage (so to the Nexus), he levels up!

Jericho Swain’s leveled up form in Legends of Runeterra has [Fearsome], and is now a 4/7! When they deal non-combat damage to the enemy Nexus, you stun the Strongest backrow enemy! His [Nexus Strike] is improved, so when he deals damage to the enemy base, he deals 3 damage to all enemies. Now that’s horrifying. The Noxian Grand General is nothing to mess with, and I really want to build a Noxus deck all of a sudden.

However, Swain doesn’t have to be the only person to deal non-combat damage! There are three new units for Noxus that will help make this happen. The Imperial Demolitionist, Citybreaker, and The Leviathan all help you make this happen. We’ll go over these real quicks:

  • Imperial Demolitionist: 2-Cost Common Minion (⅔): Play: Deal 1 damage to an allied unit to deal 2 damage to the enemy Nexus.
  • Citybreaker: 4-Cost Uncommon Minion (0/5). Round Start: Deal 1 damage to the enemy Nexus(!).
  • The Leviathan: 8-Cost Rare Minion (⅝): [Overwhelm]. Play: Draw a Swain. Round Start: Deal 1 damage to the enemy Nexus three times.

I especially like The Leviathan because it triggers three separate times, instead of hitting once. That means if you have a leveled-up Swain in play, he can do 9 damage to all enemy minions! The Leviathan + Swain is a horrifying combo, and you will want to kill it dead immediately.

Other Revealed Champions, New Keywords

With this expansion, there will be plenty of new champions, and we’ll discuss some of them below. In particular, Maokai brings a brand new keyword to the game: [Toss]. Toss is a powerful new card keyword, which obliterates X non-champion cards from the bottom of your deck! Maokai is a 4-cost Champion for the Shadow Isles! He’s a ¼, and the first time you play another ally each round, [Toss] 2, and summon a Sapling!

Saplings are 2/1 minions, and will no doubt be infuriating. When your units have died or your cards have been [tossed] 25 times this game, Maokai levels up. He becomes a 4-cost [Regeneration] ⅖. When he levels up, Obliterate the enemy deck, leaving 4 non-champions. At the start of each round, he also summons a Sapling! Good lord, Maokai, that’s wild. Now, when you [Toss], you harm your own deck. So the goal is to aggro them down as quick as possible, before running out of cards.

Here are some new cards associated with Maokai:

  • Sap Magic: 3-Cost Uncommon Spell (Burst): [Toss] 3, and Heal Allies for 3.
  • Deadbloom Wanderer: 3-Cost Common Minion: [Lifesteal] (3/2), when he’s summoned, [Toss] 3.
  • Overgrown Snapvine: 7-Cost Rare Minion (4/3): When you summon a follower, kill it to summon an Overgrown Snapvine. Good lord.

So, your Saplings go from being 2/1s to being 4/3s! That’s right, you get a free, nearly limitless army with Maokai. He’s going to be upsetting to deal with. Coming up next, there are Quinn and Valor! Quinn’s an Elite Scout from Demacia, and infiltration is her specialty. When this 5-cost Champion is summoned, you also summon Valor (a 2/1 with Challenge/Scout).

Scout is a fun new keyword! The first time only Scout Units attack each round, ready your Attack. This is like the level 2 Garen ability that readies your attack, so you can abuse this way more often. Quinn herself is a ¾, and she levels up when she’s seen you attack 4 times. That should be very easy.

She becomes a 5-cost ⅘, with [Attack]: Summon Valor, [Challenging] the Strongest enemy. She also has the [Blinding Assault] Slow Spell, that summons Valor. Are there revealed cards that have Scout in Demacia? Of course!

  • Greathorn Companion: 5-Cost Common Minion (⅘): [Scout]
  • Grizzled Ranger: 4-Cost Uncommon Minion (4/1): [Scout], [Last Breath]: Summon a Loyal Badgerbear (4/4 for 3)
  • Greenfang Warden: 3-Cost Common Minion (2/2): [Barrier][Scout]

I really like this Scout keyword for Demacia, and it sounds like it could really make Demacia into an aggro powerhouse without too much work. Quinn, Garen, and Sejuani together may be a force of nature. Perhaps Ashe, too?

We also have a bit of news concerning Sejuani, and her new keyword, Vulnerable! Sejuani herself is a 6-cost ⅚ for Freljord, with [Overwhelm]! When you play her, give an enemy [Frostbite] and [Vulnerable] this round! What’s Vulnerable though? You can force an opponent to block during your attack, similar to [Challenger]! It’s stronger than that though because you can pick any of your units to challenge the opposing unit. So you can make your 13/13 step up to smash the now say, 0/4 thanks to Frostbite.

She levels up after she’s damaged the enemy Nexus on different rounds this game, which is not too hard since she has [Overwhelm]. Her leveled up form is a 6-cost 6/7 with [Overwhelm[. When you play her, you still give an enemy [Frostbite] and [Overwhelm]. The first time you damage the enemy Nexus each round, [Frostbite] all enemies. Good. God. Also associated with Sejuani I imagine is the new 4-Cost Burst Spell, Fury of the North. This gives an ally +4/+4 this round.

  • Ruthless Raider: 2-Cost Common Minion (3/1): [Overwhelm], [Tough]
  • Ember Maiden: 3-Cost Uncommon Minion (3/2): Round Start: Deal 1 to EVERYTHING. Nice.
  • Stormclaw Ursine: 5-Cost Minion (6/6): [Overwhelm] Other allies with 5+ Power have [Overwhelm]

So far, the Legends of Runeterra expansion is going to have some serious meat on its bones, even aside from inviting Swain to the party. Each faction is getting a new way to approach the game, new deckbuilds, and exciting new cards. I’m most excited about Swain and Maokai, but what about you?

What decks are you going to put together in this exciting new world? We’d love to see your ideas!


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