Legends of Runeterra Reveals Rewards in K/DA All Out Event

by in Legends of Runeterra | Oct, 28th 2020

The K/DA World Tour is coming to Legends of Runeterra as well, and with it comes some fantastic new cards. If you want to know about the latest content coming to Legends of Runeterra, thanks to the K/DA event, we have the news on new spells and other rewards. There are six exclusive K/DA spells to unlock and some personally signed card backs.

This event will run from Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. PT and ends on Nov. 24 at 11 a.m. PT, so you have plenty of time to unlock these awesome spells.

Unlocking Spells and Rewards

The K/DA All Out event allows players to unlock a special set of spells, each with their unique animations. The first time you use these spells in a game, you will see a special performance from K/DA members, and that’s pretty awesome, to be honest. If you want these K/DA event rewards in Legends of Runeterra, you have to play the game.

You can unlock the K/DA spells through the free part of the event path during this event. If you’d like, you can purchase the Premium Event Path for 975 coins, and that unlocks further rewards. This includes new emotes, the new Stella Guardian pet, and a series of unique card backs: The Dancer, The Rising Star, The Diva, and The Rebel. If you get to the end of the Premium Path, you receive a set of K/DA card backs signed. They do look gorgeous, too.

How do you unlock the rewards for the Legends of Runeterra event? Legends of Runeterra’s devs say they learned from the previous major event (Spirit Blossom) and feel there was room for improvement. Now your first win of the day gives you two Hearts, and there is an endlessly repeatable quest – get three PVP wins or five AI wins for three hearts. So, you can grind this out as fast as you’d like.

As you play, five pairs of Epic Quests (so 10 total) will unlock. The first quest grants hearts and the second also unlocks icons for each of the K/DA members. There are also nine Event Quests. These will unlock more Hearts. But the most important things are the cards themselves. What do they do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you want to see them physically (and the icons/path), just check out the blog. As a note, all of these cards are Epic Rarity.

The Cards:

  • Feel The Rush (12-Cost Spell – Slow, Freljord): Feel The Rush summons two different random champions from your hand and deck. You also raise their stats to 10/10. Good. Lord. In a Mana Ramp Freljord deck, this is going to be terrifying. A 10/10 Braun and Ashe? Whew.
  • Out Of The Way (5-Cost Spell – Slow, Targon): For the rest of the game, allied buffs (except Barrier, thank God) are permanent. Draw 1. Wow. All of those temporary +1/+1 counters? That’s going to stack up. To balance it out, it’s five mana and Slow.
  • Go Get It (5-Cost Spell – Fast, Ionia): [Recall] an ally to summon an except [Ephemeral] copy in its place. Reduce its cost to 0 this round. This could be a fun way to level up Lucian without actually letting his wife perish. Then you can just cast her again from your hand for 0 mana. A pretty interesting card.
  • Give It All (8-Cost Spell – Slow, Piltover & Zaun): Raise all allies’ Power and Health to the highest Power or Health among allies. Grant all allies allied Keywords. Potentially, this can be a game-winning bomb with incredible ease. I don’t think it would be powerful in a primarily Piltover deck unless it’s packed with lots of Heimerbots. Now, if you pair Piltover with a faction like Freljord, Targon, or Noxus? Now there’s potential for shenanigans.
  • Go Hard/Pack Your Bags (1-Cost Spell – Slow, Shadow Isles): This spell drains one from a unit and shuffles two copies of it into your deck. Once you’ve cast it three times, transform all copies of Go Hard everywhere into Pack Your Bags. Conversely, Pack Your Bags deals five damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus. Casting Pack Your Bags transforms all copies of it everywhere back into Go Hard. A little clunky, but in a heavy card-draw deck, this could be amazing. For one mana, I like this.

Now, you might be worried because these are “limited.” They aren’t limited. You have a limited time (the event duration) to unlock a playset of each for free. When the event is over, you can unlock these cards via Shards/Wildcards, so don’t worry. We’ll be coming back to these cards next week to see what we think of them.


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