Legends of Runeterra Reveals Piltover’s Vi for Upcoming Expansion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Apr, 20th 2020

It’s almost time for Legends of Runeterra’s first expansion, and with it comes some bonkers cards. With over 100 champions to pull from, it’s always going to be a curious thing who shows up. Last week, we highlighted some of the revealed ones and there’s yet one more coming! Vi, Piltover’s finest, is confirmed for the first Legends of Runeterra expansion!

What does Vi bring to the game? That’s what we’re here to talk about, friends!

Fathands? FATHANDS?!

Hey, that’s what Jinx called her, don’t blame me! I love Vi as a jungler and a support. She joins the Piltover and Zaun faction as a new champion coming to Legends of Runeterra. She starts again, fairly weak, entering play at a baseline of ⅖ for 5 Mana. Now, Vi can come in stronger, up to 10/5. When she’s in play or in your hand, she gains another +1/+0 anytime you play another card.

We take that to mean only permanent (so creatures/champions, not spells). It caps at +8 bonus attack, and we can’t help but wonder if that carries over to her leveled up form (which is baseline 10/6). Level 1 Vi also has Challenger and Tough. This is going to make her level up way easier.

She levels up after she’s Struck for 10 or more damage. Strike just requires you to deal damage using the champion’s power for any reason. That means forcing it through a spell, attacking, or blocking. This speaks to me in the form of Demacia+Piltover for a brutal buff/challenger deck. But what does she do when leveled up? When Vi strikes a unit while attacking, you deal 5 damage to the enemy Nexus.

I want to build her with the new [Scout] keyword too, so Demacia is going to be the play for me. The more times she attacks, the more damage she’s going to batter the enemy Nexus with. Vi also means new spells and minions! Something interesting in this expansion with Vi is “When drawn, this costs less this turn.” I’ve seen it on a spell and a minion.

  • Vault Breaker (Burst Spell, 3 Mana): Give an ally +2/+0 this round. Create a [Fleeting] Vault Breaker in hand. This lets you do it once more this turn for a fairly reasonable price. I’m a sucker for fun buffs, especially ones that can’t be stopped.
  • Gotcha! (Fast Spell, 4 Mana): When drawn, this costs 2 less this round. It deals 3 damage to any unit. These both fit Vi’s character pretty nicely, as she tends to come out of nowhere, and batter someone with her gigantic fists of fury.

Piltover and Zaun also have a trio of new minions revealed for this expansion. We’ve got covered right below:

  • Veteran Investigator (Common Minion, 2 Mana): When they’re summoned, ALL players draw 1. Now, I’m not wild about the other player drawing cards, but for a 3/2 for 2, that’s not too much.
  • Insightful Investigator (Uncommon Minion, 4 Mana): Whenever you play a 2-cost card, draw 1 [Fleeting] card. That isn’t very clear, but I wonder if it draws another 2-cost card that will be fleeting (so you can cast it only this turn). That has the potential to be frustrating in a deck with say, Ezreal and his direct damage. They’re also a 3/3 for 4, so that’s reasonable.
  • Patrol Wardens (Common Minion, 3 Mana): When they’re drawn, they cost 1 less this round. So with enough mana, you could play a second one with Insightful Investigator in play. Technically, that round, they would be a 2-cost! The real question is, would the fleeting version also be a 2-cost? I just wonder how this mechanic will work, but I’d need to see it in action myself.

This expansion is also said to be revealing a new region which has not been seen yet. Our guess is Shurima! At least, this writer’s guess is Shurima; I don’t want to shackle everyone to my guess. Regardless, one thing we know for sure is that Vi and her mighty fists are coming to the Legends of Runeterra expansion on April 28!


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