Legends of Runeterra Reveals Gauntlets, Labs and More for Upcoming Patches

by in Legends of Runeterra | Jun, 19th 2020

Legends of Runeterra is dropping patch 1.4 next week. With it comes a new season: Season of Fortune! We’ll have the patch notes themselves for you next week, but for now, we’re going to deep dive into the future. Legends of Runeterra teases Gauntlets, Labs, and their first major event!

We don’t have a ton of details so far, but we do know that there is some fantastic content coming over the next few patches, and I’d like to share them with you! We’ll break this up into patches and what content will come with them.

Patch 1.4: Prove Your Legends of Runeterra Skills with Gauntlets

We’re getting a new game mode for Legends of Runeterra in 1.4, and as I’m sure you can guess, it’s “Gauntlets.” There are going to be limited-time competitive modes with their own unique deckbuilding rules. It’s not just a limited-time ladder where you be as OP as possible. No, there are restrictions!

I love stuff like this, though. These Gauntlets will go live every weekend for about four days. Weekly swaps between formats in the rotation will take place. This will be tested on June 26 with the first gauntlet. Standard deckbuilding rules will apply as they test the tech to make sure it works with a wider audience.

The next Gauntlet has been revealed. It’s something as an MTG player; I’m already familiar with: Singleton! That’s right! On July 3, you’ll build decks with no more than one copy of each card. Hearthstone players will feel right at home if they built Highlander decks in the past.

Will there be rewards for those of you who participate in the Gauntlets? Why, of course, there are! Everyone who does take part receives a special icon. But only those who earn seven wins get an exclusive Gauntlet Conqueror icon. There will be more rewards in the future and improvements to the mode, but testing it this way is the best way to see how it functions. You can do only so much in-house. Live testing on the servers I think is a greater way to gauge how it works.

You can expect a partial ranked reset in 1.4, reward icons based on performance and 20+ card balance changes/reworks in Patch 1.4. Finally, there will be some changes to the Masters tier, that we’ll go into greater detail on next week. We can say that instead of displaying your rank order in Masters, you’ll see your current Masters LP instead.

Upon first entering Masters, you’ll gain an initial LP amount, based on your MMR relative to other players in the tier. It should make battling through Masters a bit clearer.

Patch 1.5: Adapter to the Unexpected Labs

Legends of Runeterra is offering more than just Gauntlets as a new mode! That’s right, in the July 1.5 patch, they will be introducing yet another fun new way to play: Labs! Labs are more casual and chaotic, where Gauntlets are built for competitive, intense action.

Every patch after 1.5, there will be a new or updated Lab to replace the old one. Some of these will bring small changes to the Legends of Runeterra formula, whereas others will be whole new game modes entirely. Each one will be varied, interesting, and an exciting way to approach Riot’s card game.

You’ll be able to try new things, discover what’s fun for you and probably build decks that generally wouldn’t work in a standard game of Legends of Runeterra. This is something that makes me excited to dive back into Legends of Runeterra. So what’s the first Lab?

Fans of League of Legends will know the score: It’s A.R.A.M.! It will feature unexpected champion matchups and wild outcomes. Instead of building a deck, you’ll make choices from a random selection of champions at the start of the game. The champions you choose will start in hand. This will also generate a deck for you to use.

Both players will have a pile of absolute chaos to use. Only the most skilled (or perhaps luckiest) player will come out on top. Now, this is Pod Racing. But we can look even farther into the future, maybe just a little bit.

Patches 1.6 and 1.7: Even Further Beyond

Can we get a peek at what’s beyond Gauntlets and Labs in Legends in Runeterra? Maybe a little bit as a treat. Around the end of July, 1.6 will drop, and with it comes the first in-game event for Legends of Runeterra! This is a month-long thematic experience with a new Lab, special quests, personalization items and so much more.

While we don’t have any idea of its theme, we’re very curious here at Esports Talk. Riot Games wants these events to be memorable and rewarding, so it should be entertaining to see what they’ve cooked up. There will also be an Event Pass in the store, which grants even more rewards.

1.6 is also going to bring more card updates and a “Cross-Shard Friend Challenge.” This is the first step into making a global ecosystem for Legends of Runeterra. It will also let you dunk on friends from around the world to show them that you are the superior card game player. Patch 1.7 is going to have more quests and stuff in the store as well.

You can also expect a twist on the Singleton Gauntlet format. There’s also a very minor and not very important change coming in 1.7: Being able to pick the card art that best suits your deck in the deck builder. Personally, this is very important for people like me! In MTG Arena right now, I have the maximum allowed decks! Several are the same color-coding, so having a different name and card art represented matters.

All told, this is very exciting news for me as a card game player. I have so many to play, so finding out exactly what’s interesting and worth doing matters to me. Once we have more details on things like Gauntlets and Labs, we’ll do what we can to provide you with strategies or details to make it easier for you to dive into.

With that in mind, keep your eyes here on Esports Talk! We’ll have patch notes rolled out for you next week!


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