Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes 1.15 Discussion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Nov, 23rd 2020

Legends of Runeterra’s 1.15 Patch Notes don’t include card balance, but there are still are a lot of fun things to sink our teeth into! We’ve got a new champion-centric lab to look at, the induction of seasonal tournaments, player profiles, and some quality-of-life changes, like the Round Timer update. The LoR devs also pointed out that with Patch 1.16, they’re looking to improve how much time we check for updates. There will be a 200MB download to make then, but after that, patches as a whole should be quicker. We absolutely cannot wait for that. 

This update also drops a bit sooner than usual! After all, the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. Patch 1.15 will be playable at 11 AM PT on November 24th, 2020. If you want the official patch notes, you can as always, click right here to get them. We recently talked about the K/DA cards, but now let’s talk patch notes!

A New Lab: Recursive Heroes 101

Now, this sounds like an awesome lab that was revealed in the Patch Notes for 1.15 of Legends of Runeterra. In the last patch, Heimerdinger taught us about brewing the perfect deck, which was cool. This time, however, we’re focusing on just one champion and making them the star of a singleton deck. The deck will be filled with stuff just focused on supporting that one champion. 

The players can pick from one of the premade decks, for Jinx, Shyvana, Gangplank, or Trundle. If you’re feeling spicy, you can build your own singleton deck, using one champion of your choice. Look forward to plenty of really frustrating Zed decks, that’s all I can say. There are some extra rules though, so let’s cover ‘em:

  • Your champion always starts in your hand
  • When your champion is killed, it becomes imprisoned in a Landmark that spawns in its place. 
  • A Jailer spawns on your opponent’s side of the board as your champion gets imprisoned. If you kill their Jailer, your champion revives the next round.

This sounds like a wild ride, to see who can make the most bonkers singleton deck. I also really think we’re going to see some fun Aurelion Sol or Soraka decks come out of this too. This could be a fun experiment to come back to and see about some awesome singleton deck builds.

Quality of Life Updates

Round Timer Update

This is something I’ve personally been waiting on. The Round Timer gets a new UI, and some changes to more or less smooth out the pacing of games. There’s a Time Banking system that comes with this. If you end your turn faster, you bank extra time. When you’ve stored it up, you can then burn it on more complicated turns, where more thought/strategy is required.

We’ve also got a new way to stop Infinite Rounds, thanks to Time Falloff. Taking the same action over and over within a round (say, Vault Breaker) gives less additional time each time you take that action. It’s not a very aggressive system right now, but they’re looking at how effective it is over the course of the patch. This might be the best part of Patch 1.15’s Notes for Legends of Runeterra just as a whole. This particular writer doesn’t suffer from Infinite Round syndrome but knows plenty of people who do.

Player Profiles

Here’s a fun addition to Legends of Runeterra: Player Profiles! You access them by clicking on your Player Icon, and it tracks your progress through the game as a whole. This is something we’ve been waiting for, honestly. It has an overview of your collection’s completion rate, Region Road progress, your rank, and more. It’s not a major deal, but it’s a feature we think should have been about already. Now we can see how far we’ve come in the game!

Seasonal Tournaments

Seasonal Tournaments are coming! Huzzah! It’s up to you to earn Prime Glories and earn a spot in the forthcoming inaugural tournament. There will be a Tournament tab in-game to check your Rank, Prime Glories, as you get ready to do battle against the best of the best in Legends of Runeterra. Sure, the money will be nice for the top 32 competitors, but getting an exclusive in-game icon to show you’re amongst the greatest? Can’t top that. Players who secure at least 3 wins in the tournament also receive the Tournament Competitor Card Back.

Expeditions, Bug Fixes, and Final Thoughts


There are some minor changes coming to a few of the Expeditions, to improve their performance. THey also are reigning in Dragon’s Descent’s power, but following up on changes that were left out of Patch 1.14. This includes the buff to Mending Touch. Here are the highlights:

Collective Support:

  • Added: Lunari Shadestalker
  • Removed: Herald of Spring, Nopeify!, Startled Stomper, Swole Squirrel

Dragon’s Descent:

  • Added: Radiant Strike, Sunblessed Vigor, Wish
  • Removed: Guiding TOuch, Hush (listed in the 1.14 patch notes but was left out), Laurent Duelist, Sunburst

Mending Touch:

  • Star Spring will not always appear in Mending Touch packs seen during the initial Champion Picks of a draft

Spell Slingers:

  • Added: Steel Tempest
  • Removed: Horns of the Dragon, Rivershaper, Twin Disciplines

Bug Fixes

Only a few bug fixes in this patch! They fixed an issue where Jinx could create multiple copies of Super Mga Death Rocket! In one round, but this was hotfixed during Patch 1.14. THey also fixed an issue where Emotes could get stuck on the loadout panel. So not a lot going on that front, but still important.

Final Thoughts

This is a fine set of patch notes for Legends of Runeterra as 1.15 comes around. No card balance, but that’s coming soon enough, I’m sure of that. The game is in a pretty good state right now. There are a few decks that feel just about unbeatable, but that may be what I am playing versus what I could be playing to counter them. The new Lab looks fun, and seasonal tournaments offer a serious incentive to get into the competitive side of things. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Legends of Runeterra as 2021 rolls around!


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