Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes 1.12 Discussion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Oct, 14th 2020

One of our favorite times in a card game’s life is “Expansion Time”. With Legends of Runeterra’s Patch 1.12, we see a new expansion, in the form of Monuments of Power. It’s an exciting, but small expansion, bringing three new champions, and an incredible new card type – Landmarks. We cover more information on the new cards, and the new card type over here so you can get all the details. But this patch is more than just a series of new cards.

Several cards had to be changed to make them respond to Landmarks. There is also a new Landmark-themed Lab (A Landmark Occasion), as well as Seasonal Tournaments, Region Road Updates, and so much more. As always, we’re here to give you all the news that’s fit to have! But if you want to see the official patch notes, you can find them here.

What’s in Monuments of Power?

The Mount Targon expansions continue, with Monuments of Power. It’s the second of three expansions that are focused around the new area. Monuments of Power is smaller, only containing 40 cards. That having been said, there are some truly powerful cards here, so don’t overlook this update. 3 new champions come in this expansion too – Tahm Kench (Bilgewater), Shyvana/Dragon Shyvana (Demacia), and the best of the three, Soraka (Targon). Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

One final Call of the Mountain expansion is due out in December, and it will ensure that all regions have the same amount of champions and a near-equal share of other cards. That’s important; you don’t want to have regions that feel less represented. That makes them harder to use in competitive play, and nobody wants that. 

We’re very much looking forward to seeing who comes next to represent the various regions. Do you have any champions that aren’t in the current regions that you feel should be? Let us know on social media!

Seasonal Tournaments, Region Road Updates, Labs

A patch is more than just card balance. Patch 1.12 for Legends of Runeterra introduces a path to professional play, and more content/updates for the Region Road as well. So let’s go into those in detail!

Seasonal Tournaments

Jeff Jew and Andrew Yip recently previewed the notion of Seasonal Tournaments for Legends of Runeterra, which are coming in Patch 1.12. A dedicated video and FAQ will be live from Riot Games on October 5th, at 9 AM PT, so don’t miss those. We will likely have some coverage on that as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

What we do know, is that these seasonal tournaments will take place at the end of a season, and will be a showcase for the best-of-the-best players. If you’re looking for a path to professional Legends of Runeterra play, this is where you’ll want to be at. More than 1,000 competitive players will be able to take part on each regional server. How do you qualify? Be one of the top-ranked players in your region or one of the first players to complete the season’s final Gauntlet. 

We like this because it offers two different paths. Are you the type that grinds the ladder relentlessly with a couple of solid decks? Or do you prefer the challenge of only needing a few, but very difficult wins? It’s really up to you! We’ll know more soon, but we can tell you the first Seasonal Tournament is coming on December 6th. A Last Chance Gauntlet will drop on December 4th, for those players who want to make the final push to a tournament slot. 

Region Road Updates

Good news, Region Road fans! Targon, Bilgewater, and Demacia have had their Region Roads extended. You can use this to pursue the new cards that came with Monuments of Power. Targon was extended from 20-25, and the Targon regional card back awaits at the end. 

Bilgewater and Demacia have extended from 25-29 as well. These levels will only drop Call of the Mountain Cards, from either expansion, until you have them all. It’s also important to note that Freljord and Shadow Isles last expansion of 25-29 now give anything, instead of just Call of the Mountain cards.


Patch 1.12 of Legends of Runeterra heralds the coming of a quicker Labs rotation. The first week of this expansion is going to have a Lab to play through, and week two is going to bring back the very first Lab (with some changes)! Week 1 is called “A Landmark Occasion”, and will have players choosing from a selection of decks. Each one will have a Landmark, and riddled with cards to support it. Here’s a teaser for each deck so you can start planning ahead.

  • Howling Abyss: Venture to the hallowed Howling Abyss, and fight alongside its legendary champions
  • Noxkraya Arena: Combine the cold of the Freljord and the might of Noxus to tackle frostbitten foes.
  • Slaughter Docks: Toss your deck and reap the rewards from the depths.
  • Star Spring: Devour your enemies, and heal the wounded.
  • University of Piltover: Heimerdinger’s preferred deck, and it contains more math and variables than ever! Huzzah, science!
  • Vaults of Helia: We sacrifice others to gain more power than before.

Personally, this writer is going to use Star Spring the most. It’s such an amazing card! Week 2 will feature the first Lab, ARAM! It’s got some spicy changes though. Instead of building a deck, you choose from a mulligan full of champion cards, to compose your opening hand, and ultimately the deck. It also adds the new champions, and some dead draws have been removed from the card pool. Honestly, they both sound exciting. 

Card Balance

Riot Games plans to make the most impactful game changes during the midway point between expansions, with the more limited adjustments around expansion time. However, that doesn’t mean we have nothing to wait on. For example, RubinZoo, Live Design Lead points out that Patch 1.13 is going to have adjustments to Lee Sin still. 1.14 (in roughly a month) is still being worked on, but it’s going to focus on Champions. 

This is to make sure that when Monuments of Power comes to end, everyone’s in a good place. Instead of listing the card changes in order, we’re going to list the nerfed cards first, then the buffed. Everyone likes to see what got weakened first, right? Just us? Okay then.

Nerfed Cards

Genevieve Elmheart: Let’s be real, she was too strong to have that kind of health. Genevieve was easily able to stomp down multiple units and made it much harder to counterplay around her. She’s still going to be useful outside of dedicated Scout decks, but less of a terror, that’s for sure. 

  • Health: 5 -> 4

Bastion: Bastion’s functioning well, but it’s perhaps too efficient for the mana cost. It’s going to see a minor cost increase. It’s still going to be a useful card, but perhaps a bit less punishing in general. It should make Bastion feel a bit fairer.

  • Cost: 3 -> 4

Living Legends: Living Legends was too strong. It’s a card this writer personally used often in his Targon/Freljord deck. Why? Not only does it fill your hand with [Fleeting] Celestial cards, it also refilled your mana. Even if you had no spell mana, it would fill those up too! Just too ridiculous. It also lacked any kind of [Behold] mechanic for just how much it brought to the table. Instead, it’s been changed to no longer refill the Spell Mana. It’s still going to pair nicely with Aurelion Sol, but reducing how flexible and over-the-top it was. Let’s be honest with ourselves: this one was just a bit too much. 

  • Old Text: Fill your hand with random [Fleeting] Celestial cards. Refill your mana.
  • New Text: Fill your hand with random [Fleeting] Celestial cards. Refill your mana gems to full*. (Does not refill Spell Mana)


Hush: Hush is a card that’s been evaluated and considered since it dropped last expansion. Riot Games wants to keep it as a powerful, unique card. But the ability to keep dropping it over and over (at an increased cost of 1 more mana) was just too much. It gave Targon far too much repeatable control that other factions couldn’t hope to compete with. So it’s going to lose the Fleeting copy, but also lower in cost to make up for that. This should make the card do what it was originally going to.

  • Cost: 3 -> 2
  • Old Text: Silence a unit this round. Create a [Fleeting] Hush that costs 1 more.
  • New Text:  Silence a unit this round.

Final Thoughts and Misc. Changes

This is a pretty awesome update, to be sure. A few cards changed, and 40 new ones came to the game. As a fan of the Targon faction, this writer in particular is quite excited to see what new decks come from it. In fact, if you come back at the end of the week, Jason’s going to have a new blog with some interesting decks he’s brewed, as well as some concepts he’s found online that look really fun. 

If you go to the official patch notes for 1.12, Legends of Runeterra also has some updates on Expeditions. Four new archetypes are coming to the mode and will highlight the new champions, Landmarks, and strategies around these.

For those of you keen on competitive, Ranked rewards from last season go out in this patch, and Ranks will be partially reset for the new season. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Master accounts will drop 8 divisions.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750 LP (7 Divisions + 50 LP)
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop to 675 LP (6 Divisions + 75 LP)
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Finally, there’s also a new deck bundle to check out for 3339 coins (prorated for any excess card copies based on your collection). The Dragonborn Bundle includes the Draconic Fury Deck, Infernal Drake Guardian, Dragonborn Card Back, and the Exclusive Shybana Emote, “Fired Up”. The deck itself features Shyvana and Aurelion Sol and is a “Dragon/Fury” Midrange Beatdown deck. It sounds pretty awesome. 

Riot Games continues to churn out awesome content, and Patch 1.12 in Legends of Runeterra is no exception. What kind of deck are you looking to run as the season moves forward? We’re eager to see! Feel free to let us know on Social Media!


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