Legendary CSGO Player pashaBiceps Returns With a New Team According to Rumor

by in CS:GO | Oct, 5th 2020

Now this is great news for the CSGO scene! Maybe not for the other competitive teams, but it is for the fans! Word is that pashaBiceps returns to CSGO in the near future with Team Liquid backing him! The report is that he will be leading Team Liquid’s academy roster, since he joined the org back in August. This is potentially exciting news, as pashaBiceps is an incredible force in the CSGO. Is he rusty? Nah, we doubt it. He’ll be back to dominating players in zero time flat.

If the rumor is to be believed, one of the Golden Five is back in CSGO, and you love to see it! The Golden Five was once one of the most dominant forces in CSGO across 2006-2008. If this is true, Team Liquid has a real chance to show the world just how strong their CSGO academy team can be.

Look at Those Guns!

We mean his biceps, and his in-game guns, of course! Why can’t it be both? If pashaBiceps returns to CSGO, Team Liquid has something on their hands that not just any team can claim. pashaBiceps could play virtually every role, but his work as a rifler and AWPer were second to none. In the winter of 2018, pashaBiceps left the scene behind, save a brief appearance on AGO (Poland) back in 2019, but streaming seems more his thing these days.

If pashaBiceps returns to CSGO, and if “PolishLeaks” leak is true, Team Liquid will be in a great position, potentially. The word is that pashaBiceps will be a part of Liquid Academy, which is located in Poland and competing in the Polish Esport League. Now, this is all rumor and innuendo right now. It wouldn’t be too great of a shock though. Team Liquid might be an NA org, but they have had outstanding European talent in the past – remember s1imple? Of course, you do!

Now, his old teammates are scattered to the winds, so we aren’t going to see them come together. Would it be incredible? You bet it would! Perhaps Team Liquid wants a star player to help guide a series of newcomers or journeymen in the scene towards success and victory! If anyone could, it’s pashaBiceps. His Liquipedia page isn’t a liar: his achievements are absolutely stellar. We sincerely hope this is real, and not some kind of rumor to generate hype.

Honestly, this is an amazing move for Team Liquid. Sure, it’s important to invest in future stars of any esport. But this is one player that can help foster that kind of growth with his years of experience and success in CSGO. It’s a brilliant move if it’s true, and we want to see what the future holds for Team Liquid. Even if pashaBiceps is only a streamer, he can still help Team Liquid’s academy team grow in his own way. So what do you think? Is it true, or just a rumor without any backing to it?


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