LEC’s Origen Starts Jactroll Instead of Destiny

by in League of Legends | Jul, 13th 2020

Going forward, Origen will be starting with Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński as their main support, instead of Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw, according to ESPN’s Jacob Wolf. To say that this came out left field would truly be an understatement. Then again, things had to change if Origen intended to correct course and leave a mark. Their first half of the split was, in short, as underwhelming and disappointing as possible.

On paper, they’re tied for fifth place (along with SK Gaming, Excel Esports, Fnatic, and Team Vitality), which isn’t all that bad. With four wins and five losses on the board, there’s still more than enough time for Origen to improve and lock down a spot in the playoffs. Their record is the only thing that’s good right now, with their play being much worse than their overall tally would indicate. They’re just not a particularly good team right now and have dropped multiple games to challengers many deemed inferior. That’s not allowed at this level of play, let alone for an organization as revered and admired as Origen. They’re known for their stellar macro and tremendous coaching staff. The fact that none of that has been on display lately is undoubtedly a worrying sign.

Origen is entering this week on a two-game losing streak after dropping the ball against Rogue and Team Vitality. Now, on paper, this team is stacked. It has all the right tools to compete with the LEC’s best teams, but they’re just not “clicking” as a unit — even though they’ve had more than enough time to synergize and get on the same page. Destiny, in particular, has been horrendous all things considered. His bafflingly limited champion pool has forced Origen into a corner game after game. If he’s not on Nautilus or, say, Leona, it’s like he’s a complete non-factor. You always know what Origen will draft. That’s in no small part because of Destiny’s meager champion pool.

Erlend Våtevik “Nukeduck” Holm deserves a good chunk of the blame. The seasoned veteran mid laner has been a shadow of his former self. Fortunately, Elias “Upset” Lipp and Barney “Alphari” Morris are playing some of their best League yet, which is the main reason why Origen is even remotely competitive at this point.

For Origen, roster changes needed to happen. But the fact that they signed Jactroll boggles the mind. Had they went for anyone different, no one would have complained. Signing Jactroll, however, is a move that makes no sense whatsoever.

The Jactroll Conundrum

Jactroll and Origen are not a good match in any way, shape, or form. They differ in playstyle, in the way they approach laning, team fighting, objectives, etc. There’s just nothing between the two parties that overlaps — not even a smidge. Jactroll’s best days were back when he played under the Team Vitality banner (under Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi’s guidance); that was a team of unparalleled aggression and bravado, a one-dimensional juggernaut that would either blow their opposition out the water or implode trying.

There was no in-between, regardless of the meta or opponent. Origen, on the other hand, is anything but an aggressive “in-your-face” kind of team. They’re slow, subdued, they draft for the mid and late game and wait things out. They don’t take risks, nor are they the kind of team that’ll skirmish without any apparent reason. With a late-game team comp, they know they have the tools to best their opponents come late game. They’ll do everything in their power to evade danger and wait for their item spikes. Jactroll, on the other hand, wants to go in, regardless of the champion he’s on. He’ll dash, blink, flash, and jump on any target he sees, often without any plan or strategy.

He holds some of the worst records as far as supports go, with a billion isolated deaths, failed engages, and everything in between. There’s a reason why so many Vitality fans complained online day in and day out to see him replaced. He wasn’t delivering. Other than a couple of great games here and there, he was an absolute non-factor and a detriment to his team. There’s just no other way to put it.

Origen needed a new support. That is a fact. But bringing Jactroll — over so many insanely talented supports from the “little leagues” — is not the way to go. Much like the Vitality of old, his style of play is ingrained deep within his DNA. No amount of coaching will change that. Jactroll needs a team that thinks and breathes as he does, and that certainly isn’t Origen. This is one of the more vexing roster signings in recent history. If things pan out as expected, it won’t yield positive results anytime soon, if ever.

Who knows, maybe Origen did try to sign someone a bit more compatible style-wise but couldn’t get the deal done in time. In any case, they need all the help they can get if they want to improve and correct course. The split is far from over, but they don’t have the luxury to experiment nor drop any more games. Both MAD Lions and Rogue look like far more capable challengers and are, without a doubt, the frontrunners representing Europe at this year’s World Championship in China.

The road ahead of Origen is anything but easy. They have G2 Esports lined up for Friday and Misfits Gaming just a day later. That’s a pretty tough schedule. Hopefully, they’ll be able to put up a bigger fight than most people expect — a more competitive LEC will benefit everyone involved.


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