LEC Is Suspended Until Further Notice

by in General | Mar, 13th 2020

Here’s a bit of unexpected news: the LEC is suspended until further notice. There’s a chance that a staff member has contracted coronavirus, which is why Riot EU decided to proceed with absolute caution. No one has yet tested positive, but they have opted for a complete halt nonetheless.

This isn’t exactly shocking, although it does come as a surprise seeing how the LEC team just announced that all matches would play without a live audience, with Origen playing online because they’re located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Everything was going according to plan. We had the live LEC countdown, the standings, upcoming matches, the whole shebang.

There Goes Another Event

Once the live broadcasted started, however, famed LEC host Eefje’ sjokz’ Depoortere read the announcement. Everyone expected the LEC Spring Split to go on, including the players. Some even streamed today and talked about playing on stage without an audience. It seems that this whole thing happened last minute. Perhaps even literally.

Once they caught on that someone might have contracted the virus, they decided to react immediately. That’s commendable, albeit somewhat depressing for the hundreds of thousands of LEC fans across the globe. Still, health and safety come first.

There are a couple of questions that need answers. Will the North American LCS do the same? They’ve also banned live audiences, but postponing the entire split is a better and more thorough safety precaution. There’s no rulebook for all of this. Teams and Riot are responding in the best way they can, considering how the situation is developing.

One also must wonder how and when the LEC Spring Split will continue after being suspended and how this big of a break will affect everyone involved? Will someone have an inherent advantage? Will teams recover psychologically and emotionally? These are all superficial and completely unnecessary questions seeing how big of a problem the nations of the world are dealing with.

It’s impossible not to wonder how things will develop once this whole thing blows over. Hopefully, this is just a small, somewhat negligible setback in the grand scheme of things.

In the meantime, you can follow the LEC Twitter account for official updates, and we at EsportsTalk will also keep you posted as things develop.


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