Leaks Reveal Upcoming PlayStation Plus Video Pass

by in General | Apr, 21st 2021

Many have been switching from cable to streaming services over the years, as the ability to watch shows and movies on multiple devices has gained prominence, and according to a leak from an overseas site, it looks like Sony is about to throw their hat in the ring with the upcoming Playstation Plus Video Pass.

The Leaked Announcement

The Polish PlayStation website unveiled a beta test for the pass recently, revealing that PS+ subscribers will be able to enjoy movies and content from Sony Interactive Entertainment, in conjunction with the other benefits brought to them by PS+. While the pass is free for Polish users to try out, the test only runs from April 21st to April 22nd. 

Here’s a rough translation of what the page said, courtesy of Video Games Chronicle: “A new benefit that is available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus … PS Plus Video Pass is a test service that is active from April 22nd, 21st – April 22nd, 22nd. The subscription benefit is for PS Plus users available in Poland.” The teaser picture featured Venom, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Bloodshot. There should be an announcement with more information soon.

The page on Sony’s Polish website

From what the page describes, the PS+ video pass is going to be bundled for all PS+ subscribers. This would allow PS+ users to enjoy movies made by the company without having to pay for another streaming service on top of their subscriptions to Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and the like.

For now, the PlayStation website mentions that more will be announced later in the future, most likely with the actual announcement of PS+ Video Pass globally, along with what type of content to expect on the service. This would also add another service to Sony consoles, joining PS Now, PS+, and PS Music (featuring Spotify). 

Public Reception

While it appears that PS+ Video Pass will be free for all PS+ users, many online and on Twitter have compared PlayStation’s push to combine all forms of media onto the console with Microsoft’s huge emphasis on the Xbox One being an all in one media system.

With this and the fact that they’re making films under the PlayStation umbrella, and the rumored push to get it’s games on mobile, it seems like Sony is focusing more and more on bringing the PlayStation brand away from just console gaming, and focusing more on other types of media that the console can be involved with. Chances are good we’ll hear about it at the next Playstation Direct event, so keep an eye for an announcement for when that’ll be.


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