Leaked MTG Arena’s Amonkhet Remastered List, Reveals Classic Cards

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Aug, 10th 2020

Over the weekend, a potential spoiler has been leaked for MTG Arena’s upcoming Amonkhet Remastered set. This is going to be a set for MTG Arena’s Historic meta, bringing back about 304 cards (though 338 have been advertised). This is a really fascinating set because it’s bringing back some really fun tech. The power level of Historic is going to spike wildly, and we think this is also going to set up a Pioneer meta later on this year. 

The leaker points out he got the data from the MTG Arena client, but this could of course not be 100% confirmed. It’s going to be interesting because some of the Amonkhet invocation cards are included. It also looks like we might be getting some Archenemy cards. Archenemy? That doesn’t sound like competitive MTG! That’s because it wasn’t! Archenemy was a multiplayer casual game for MTG Arena, and it is a ton of fun. But let’s move forward and discuss some leaks!

They’re Putting WHAT in Amonkhet Remastered?!

We do know that Pioneer as a game type is on the way to MTG Arena, but we don’t know when. What is Pioneer? It’s a non-rotating format, similar to Historic, but it stretches back to Return to Ravnica. It has its own ban list, which you can find here. Below, we’ll show you the full list of cards spoiled, but instead of talking about the cards that are more recent (RE: apart of the two Amonkhet sets), there are some far more interesting cards.

If this leak is true for MTG Arena’s Amonkhet Remastered set, it’s going to be remarkably powerful. Instead of looking at the obvious Amonkhet cards, let’s look at some of those more ridiculous, powerful cards. Some of these cards are interesting for a variety of reasons. Some of them, like Hornet Queen looks like it would be a fantastic addition to a Historic Brawl deck. Is this our first hint of an upcoming Historic Brawl support post? We hope so.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some truly busted cards! We aren’t going to talk about all of the MTG Arena Amonkhet Remastered power cards that were leaked, just some of our personal favorites. 

Thoughtseize (1-cost Black Rare Spell  – Sorcery): I’m sorry, they put what in MTG Arena?! Thoughtseize? Thoughtseize is a part of at least 8 Modern decks I can think of as a required staple and even more Pioneer decks! For 1 mana, Thoughtseize makes a player reveal their hand. You then choose a nonland card and they discard it. You then lose 2 life. The wording is extremely important here. If you wanted to run some kind of reanimator deck, you could easily just throw your Ulamog down into your grave on turn 1, and start immediately setting up your win condition. Or you could target your opponent, and pick the one card they kept the hand for, throwing it away. A great follow-up to that is Grafdigger’s Cage so that player can’t bring it back. Thoughtseize is a key card for UB Fairies and is one of the best turn-1 drops you can possibly make. I adore this card. I’m afraid of its power though, and what it could do in the game.

Pact of Negation (0-cost Rare Blue Spell – Instant): “Counter target spell”. Now, now, I know what you’re thinking – a 0-cost counterspell? What’s the catch? Well, it’s this: At the beginning of your next upkeep, pay 5 mana (2 blue). If you don’t, you lose the game. That sounds like a really steep price. To me, this isn’t a card that you slot into a heavy blue control deck. No, that’s not it at all. This is the card you slot into an Aggro Deck that has no blue mana! Run it in Hellkites! Run it in Phoenixes! Any deck that runs Embercleave (Gruul Aggro anyone)? This is the card you cast when you’re going to win this turn, and you don’t want your win-con to be stopped. Also: Consider this with cards like Platinum Angel. When Pact of Negation combined with cards that prevent you from losing the game, you can cast this with reckless abandon. 

Lord of Extinction (5-cost Black and Green Mythic Rare Creature – Elemental): Just what Elementals need – another power card. However, this is a card from Alara Reborn so I am immediately required to love it. Sorry, those are the rules. Lord of Extinction has power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards in all graveyards. Considering how strong Green/Black self-mill is right now, he’s going to be nice and overpowered when paired with Fiend Artisan. He’s similar to a Lhurgoyf in that power. I’d pair this with a card like Mulrotha, the Gravetide. So you self-mill, play Muldrotha, and pick the cards you want out of the grave. However, you still have this beefy monster to start hammering people with. Maybe sneak an enchantment onto him for flight? This is a very powerful card and a solid beat stick for the self-mill deck. It’s also great as a tool in the sideboard. If you’re playing best-of-three, and the other player is self-milling, you have a much stronger weapon to fight with.

Anger of the Gods (3-cost Red Rare Spell -Sorcery): This is a more recent card, but it is amazing. This is an anti-aggro tool that you absolutely need to run if you have access to red mana. Why? Because it deals 3 damage to each creature, and if a creature dies this turn and took damage from this spell, you exile it instead. In particular, this feels like a tool to stop Phoenix and Goblin decks. It’s only 3 damage, sure. But if you add more damage on top of that from any source, those creatures will still be exiled. There’s so much graveyard play right now, so having tools (more tools) to stop that is absolutely brilliant. I also want to draw attention to another exile card. . . 

Rest in Peace (2-cost White Rare Enchantment): Do you love Leyline of the Void? Do you also lament that you have to have it on turn-0 to make the most of it? Would you like to cast it a little earlier in the game? Then boy do I have a card for you! Rest in Peace affects all players, but I love it anyway. When this card comes into play, all cards in graveyards get exiled. If a card or token would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead. What I like about this is it refers to tokens too. So tokens that would die won’t trigger death effects (enters the graveyard effects) because it will immediately exile too. Same for regular cards! I love this as a weapon for Orzhov Decks, such as with Kaya, Orzhov Usurper. Her ultimate deals damage to a player (and you gain that much life) based on how many cards have been exiled for them. Oh, was the other player self-milling? Looking to zap you with Zenith Flare? Drop this for 2 mana, and kill their whole deck dead. From there, play Kaya, build her ultimate, and laugh as you zap them for 20+ damage when the game was so close to being theirs. I adore this card. Perilous Vault also works well for this, if you play Kaya afterward. Perilous Vault can be tapped for 5 and exile it to Exile all nonland permanents.

Collected Company (4-cost Green Spell – Instant): Here’s a fun instant that can go in so many decks. Are you a fan of running a series of low-cost win conditions/creature combos? Collected Company is here for you. This is again, one of my favorite cards that were leaked for MTG Arena’s Amonkhet Remastered set. This card is an instant that is very different among other green cards. You look at your top six, and put up to two creature cards that have a converted mana cost of 3 or less from among them, and put them onto the battlefield. Amazing for your Elfball decks, your White/Green token generating decks, your Green/Black mill decks, everything. It’s simple, it’s fun. You can also play it on the end of your opponent’s turn, and be ready to win on the next one! You can say, use it to play two Ranger of Eos, and then play even more low-cost creatures. 

Sphinx’s Revelation (3-cost White and Blue Mythic Rare Spell – Instant): This is technically a 3-cost; it’s 3-cost + X. Sphinx’s Revelation was a Return to Ravnica Power Card. Virtually every control that had White/Blue ran several copies of this. It’s a very simple, easy to understand instant. “You gain X life and draw X cards”. On the end step of your opponent’s turn, gain a bunch of life and draw cards! Or conversely, you can trigger this with your Dream Trawler. If the other player can’t stop it, now you can one-shot someone with Dream Trawler! He’ll gain +X, where X is the amount you gained/cards you drew. So you can hammer that poor schmuck immediately. 

There are so many other amazing cards that were leaked for MTG Arena’s Amonkhet Remastered expansion, and as we know more, we’ll surely cover them and what they mean for the meta. We have two more planeswalkers at least – Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, and Chandra, Pyromaster. There are some really amazing old cards added too for board destruction. Wrath of God (all creatures) and Shatterstorm (all artifacts), and those take me back to when I first started playing MTG. But would you like to see the whole list? We’ve got you covered.

Amonkhet Remastered List

Amonkhet Cards

Angel of Sanctions (M)
Anointed Procession (R)
Anointer Priest (C)
Approach of the Second Sun (R)
Aven Mindcensor (R)
Aven of Enduring Hope (C)
Binding Mummy (C)
Cartouche of Solidarity (C)
Cast Out (U)
Compulsory Rest (C)
Crested Sunmare (M)
Dauntless Aven (C)
Desert’s Hold (U)
Disposal Mummy (C)
Djeru’s Resolve (C)
Dusk /// Dawn (R)
Fan Bearer (C)
Forsake the Worldly (C)
Gideon of the Trials (M)
Gideon’s Intervention (R)
Glory-Bound Initiate (R)
Gust Walker (C)
Hour of Revelation (R)
Impeccable Timing (C)
In Oketra’s Name (C)
Mighty Leap (C)
Oketra the True (M)
Oketra’s Attendant (U)
Oketra’s Avenger (C)
Overwhelming Splendor (M)
Protection of the Hekma (U)
Renewed Faith (U)
Rest in Peace (R)
Sacred Cat (C)
Solemnity (R)
Solitary Camel (C)
Steward of Solidarity (U)
Sunscourge Champion (U)
Supply Caravan (C)
Tah-Crop Elite (C)
Those Who Serve (C)
Trial of Solidarity (U)
Unconventional Tactics (U)
Vizier of Deferment (U)
Vizier of Remedies (U)
Wrath of God (R)
Aerial Guide (C)
Ancient Crab (C)
As Foretold (M)
Aven Initiate (C)
Cartouche of Knowledge (C)
Censor (U)
Champion of Wits (R)
Commit /// Memory (R)
Compelling Argument (C)
Countervailing Winds (C)
Cryptic Serpent (U)
Curator of Mysteries (R)
Drake Haven (R)
Essence Scatter (C)
Eternal of Harsh Truths (U)
Floodwaters (C)
Hekma Sentinels (C)
Hieroglyphic Illumination (C)
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets (M)
Kefnet the Mindful (M)
Labyrinth Guardian (U)
Lay Claim (U)
Naga Oracle (C)
New Perspectives (R)
Nimble Obstructionist (R)
Ominous Sphinx (U)
Pact of Negation (R)
Pull from Tomorrow (R)
Riddleform (U)
Seeker of Insight (C)
Seer of the Last Tomorrow (C)
Shimmerscale Drake (C)
Slither Blade (C)
Spellweaver Eternal (C)
Strategic Planning (C)
Striped Riverwinder (C)
Supreme Will (U)
Trial of Knowledge (U)
Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign (M)
Unquenchable Thirst (C)
Vizier of Many Faces (R)
Vizier of the Anointed (U)
Vizier of Tumbling Sands (U)
Winds of Rebuke (C)
Archfiend of Ifnir (R)
Baleful Ammit (U)
Blighted Bat (C)
Bone Picker (U)
Bontu the Glorified (M)
Bontu’s Last Reckoning (R)
Cartouche of Ambition (C)
Cruel Reality (M)
Demonic Pact (M)
Dispossess (R)
Doomed Dissenter (C)
Doomfall (U)
Dread Wanderer (R)
Dune Beetle (C)
Festering Mummy (C)
Final Reward (C)
Gravedigger (U)
Horror of the Broken Lands (C)
Khenra Eternal (C)
Lethal Sting (C)
Liliana, Death’s Majesty (M)
Liliana’s Defeat (U)
Liliana’s Mastery (R)
Lord of the Accursed (U)
Marauding Boneslasher (C)
Miasmic Mummy (C)
Nest of Scarabs (U)
Never /// Return (R)
Pitiless Vizier (C)
Razaketh, the Foulblooded (M)
Ruthless Sniper (U)
Scarab Feast (C)
Shadow of the Grave (R)
Soulstinger (C)
Splendid Agony (C)
Supernatural Stamina (C)
Thoughtseize (R)
Torment of Hailfire (R)
Trespasser’s Curse (C)
Trial of Ambition (U)
Unburden (C)
Vile Manifestation (U)
Wander in Death (C)
Wasp of the Bitter End (U)
Wasteland Scorpion (C)
Abrade (U)
Ahn-Crop Crasher (U)
Anger of the Gods (R)
Battlefield Scavenger (U)
Bloodlust Inciter (C)
Blur of Blades (C)
Brute Strength (C)
Burning-Fist Minotaur (U)
By Force (U)
Cartouche of Zeal (C)
Chandra, Pyromaster (M)
Chandra’s Defeat (U)
Combat Celebrant (M)
Crash Through (C)
Deem Worthy (U)
Desert Cerodon (C)
Earthshaker Khenra (R)
Fervent Paincaster (U)
Firebrand Archer (C)
Gilded Cerodon (C)
Glorious End (M)
Glorybringer (R)
Harsh Mentor (R)
Hazoret the Fervent (M)
Hour of Devastation (R)
Imminent Doom (R)
Insult /// Injury (R)
Khenra Scrapper (C)
Magma Spray (C)
Magmaroth (U)
Nef-Crop Entangler (C)
Neheb, the Eternal (M)
Nimble-Blade Khenra (C)
Open Fire (C)
Pathmaker Initiate (C)
Puncturing Blow (C)
Pursue Glory (C)
Sand Strangler (U)
Shatterstorm (R)
Soul-Scar Mage (R)
Sweltering Suns (R)
Thorned Moloch (C)
Thresher Lizard (C)
Tormenting Voice (C)
Trial of Zeal (U)
Zealot of the God-Pharaoh (C)
Beneath the Sands (C)
Bitterbow Sharpshooters (C)
Cartouche of Strength (C)
Champion of Rhonas (R)
Collected Company (R)
Crocodile of the Crossing (U)
Defiant Greatmaw (U)
Dissenter’s Deliverance (C)
Exemplar of Strength (U)
Feral Prowler (C)
Greater Sandwurm (C)
Haze of Pollen (C)
Hooded Brawler (C)
Hope Tender (U)
Hornet Queen (M)
Hour of Promise (R)
Initiate’s Companion (C)
Life Goes On (C)
Majestic Myriarch (M)
Manglehorn (U)
Mouth /// Feed (R)
Naga Vitalist (C)
Oashra Cultivator (C)
Oasis Ritualist (C)
Ornery Kudu (C)
Pouncing Cheetah (C)
Pride Sovereign (R)
Prowling Serpopard (R)
Quarry Hauler (C)
Ramunap Excavator (R)
Resilient Khenra (R)
Rhonas the Indomitable (M)
Rhonas’s Stalwart (C)
Sandwurm Convergence (R)
Shed Weakness (C)
Shefet Monitor (U)
Sidewinder Naga (C)
Sifter Wurm (U)
Sixth Sense (U)
Stinging Shot (C)
Synchronized Strike (U)
Trial of Strength (U)
Vizier of the Menagerie (M)
Watchful Naga (U)
Ahn-Crop Champion (U)
Appeal /// Authority (U)
Aven Wind Guide (U)
Claim /// Fame (U)
Consign /// Oblivion (U)
Cut /// Ribbons (R)
Destined /// Lead (U)
Driven /// Despair (R)
Enigma Drake (U)
Failure /// Comply (R)
Farm /// Market (U)
Grind /// Dust (R)
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons (R)
Heaven /// Earth (R)
Honored Crop-Captain (U)
Khenra Charioteer (U)
Leave /// Chance (R)
The Locust God (M)
Lord of Extinction (R)
Merciless Javelineer (U)
Neheb, the Worthy (R)
Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh (M)
Nissa, Steward of Elements (M)
Obelisk Spider (U)
Onward /// Victory (U)
Prepare /// Fight (R)
Rags /// Riches (R)
Reason /// Believe (R)
Reduce /// Rubble (U)
Refuse /// Cooperate (R)
River Hoopoe (U)
Samut, the Tested (M)
Samut, Voice of Dissent (M)
The Scarab God (M)
The Scorpion God (M)
Shadowstorm Vizier (U)
Sphinx’s Revelation (M)
Spring /// Mind (U)
Start /// Finish (U)
Struggle /// Survive (U)
Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun (R)
Wayward Servant (U)
Abandoned Sarcophagus (R)
Bontu’s Monument (U)
Edifice of Authority (U)
Gate to the Afterlife (U)
God-Pharaoh’s Gift (R)
Hazoret’s Monument (U)
Hollow One (R)
Kefnet’s Monument (U)
Mirage Mirror (R)
Oketra’s Monument (U)
Perilous Vault (R)
Rhonas’s Monument (U)
Sunset Pyramid (U)
Throne of the God-Pharaoh (R)
Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs (C)
Watchers of the Dead (U)
Canyon Slough (R)
Cascading Cataracts (R)
Crypt of the Eternals (U)
Desert of the Fervent (C)
Desert of the Glorified (C)
Desert of the Indomitable (C)
Desert of the Mindful (C)
Desert of the True (C)
Evolving Wilds (C)
Fetid Pools (R)
Hashep Oasis (U)
Ifnir Deadlands (U)
Ipnu Rivulet (U)
Irrigated Farmland (R)
Ramunap Ruins (U)
Scattered Groves (R)
Scavenger Grounds (R)
Shefet Dunes (U)
Sheltered Thicket (R)
Sunscorched Desert (C)
Regal Caracal (R)


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