Leaked Call of Duty 2020 Gameplay Reportedly Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 4th 2020

Another week, another leak for the next Call of Duty game with still no mention or announcement of it in sight. That said, this latest leak is one of the biggest ones yet as it is reportedly of actual Call of Duty 2020 gameplay, showing off the upcoming unannounced title in action.

Call of Duty 2020 Gameplay Footage Reportedly Leaks

One of the first mentions of this particular Call of Duty 2020 gameplay leak comes from the pro player Oog. The player reportedly posted on Twitter about having watched — not played — approximately 45 minutes of footage from the upcoming title, but didn’t share the video clip.

Soon after claiming that on social media for the entire community and Activision to find out, the pro Call of Duty player deleted not the post but his entire Twitter account, which you can no longer find at all. At this point, you would think that the entire case is over, but it only gets weirder from here.

A Reddit user who goes by Vag7 posted a short clip of just over a minute long to the Call of Duty Competitive Reddit page, which is normally meant for the competitive aspects of the series like the Call of Duty League. Perhaps this was to avoid a takedown, which has worked so far.

The reportedly leaked Call of Duty 2020 gameplay runs in at about a minute and 46 seconds in length, showing off gameplay footage from a potential multiplayer map called Tanks; the name is likely a work in progress and might not be the actual name of it by the time of release, if real.

What the Footage Shows Off

The beginning of the clip shows the player spawning onto the multiplayer map and running around to various corners of it, showing it off in size and how it will feel for players. There seem to be no other players on the map, so this suggests that this was just a testing of the map with one person.

No bots or other players are seen and the player is alone, able to navigate the map without worry about getting taken out. At the same time, though, this also leads to a rather boring set of footage of the players just running around the same map and only occasionally firing off their gun.

What is striking about this leaked Call of Duty 2020 gameplay footage are two things: the look of the map and the tiny bit of actual gameplay that we can glean from this clip. For starters, the visual style of this new Tanks map is striking, compared to most everything that we see in the series.

Everything is rather colorful and poppy, showing off oranges, reds, vibrant blues, yellows, and so on. It seems to be a more warehouse, industrial-like area that houses some tanks, hence the work in progress name, but the area is nothing like you would imagine given our description of it.

Gameplay Looks Similar to Modern Warfare

The walls and locales are rather colorful and this could be just a stark contrast to what Infinity Ward usually does with its games, making them rather drab and grayscale-like, but this could also be because the map is simply too early in development in this footage to give an accurate depiction of what it will look like.

Some of the notable gameplay features in the footage, though, that eagle-eyed viewers on the Reddit thread were able to notice is that there is no tactical sprint or doors (at least in this footage) plus there is a minimap that is briefly shown in this recorded footage, confirming its possible return.

Also, no slide or dolphin dive is shown in the footage either but this could just be because the player didn’t select the inputs to have them happen. It is hard to tell if there will be some sort of perk or ability component of the game, as the UI is hard to see but the gameplay does seem a lot like the current Modern Warfare gameplay.

It is possible and likely that this game is built upon the foundation that Modern Warfare 2019 created and just adjusted to make it work in a more Treyarch way. Much of the gunplay and the how the weapons look feel very Modern Warfare-like, but this could also be because of this early footage.

Activision Is Taking Down This Footage

The footage seems to be real, as reported by CharlieIntel, who claims that the gameplay clip has been shared across the internet along with places like YouTube. Activision has reportedly taken down the footage on those sites and one of the reasons given was because the content was of the Call of Duty 2020 game.

If this takedown is to be believed, Activision is likely taking down this footage because it is of a leaked mainline Call of Duty game that hasn’t been announced yet and, therefore, the company has the right to take this down due to owning the content.

This only further elevates this leak to being potentially real, but the content of it can be concerning to some players. While it does have a colorful, almost cartoony feel to the map, this is possibly due to how early this footage is in development.

The footage, in our opinion, looks very early and in the testing phases long before anything like alpha, let alone beta testing. That said, some sources are claiming that this game that is still set to release this year isn’t even close to the beta phase, despite releasing by the end of 2020.

This is rather hard to believe and, unfortunate, if true, because it would mean that this game could be following a similar trajectory as Black Ops 4 that had to cut its campaign during development.

Worse still, this is reportedly being developed by Treyarch after issues with the previous two developers, with the team still hot off of Black Ops 4 not even two years ago. Given this leak and the fact that we went all of May without an official announcement, the next Call of Duty game should be confirmed soon.


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