Leak Suggests Fuslie Signs Exclusive YouTube Gaming Contract

by in Entertainment | Nov, 30th 2021

YouTube stays in the headlines right now. A leak by Leslie “Fuslie” Fu might mean YouTube Gaming is getting a new star. We’ve already seen Disguised Toast talk about Twitch being bad to start on, and Ludwig signed a YouTube contract. It’s very clear that YouTube is looking to take over as the biggest streaming platform on the web, and this leak by Fuslie may mean YouTube Gaming found their next big star.

An Accidental Leak and Quick Sign-Off

Normally, revealing a leak doesn’t mean a whole lot, no matter who says it. However, Fuslie was streaming earlier this month and within it came a potential leak. In this video, we could see an email from United Talent Agency with the subject “YT Confidential” and it featured a PDF named “Fuslie: BINDING.” That’s pretty cut and dry; it sounds like. 

When Fuslie realized she may have made this leak about going to YouTube Gaming, she panicked. “Did I just leak all my… oh my god. Jeez… I gotta go,” was her response before quickly shutting down the stream. She also has not discussed it since. This would be massive, considering her one-year deal with Twitch should already be up by now. It was also the streamer’s first major deal with Twitch.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see YouTube moving in to try and secure the 100 Thieves’ streaming star and scoop her up for the holidays. Though this happened in early November, nothing else has been said since. This could be that contract details are still being worked on, or perhaps Twitch has thrown their hat to try and keep her from also moving to YouTube. She’s a hardworking, successful streamer and recently broke the one million follower mark on Twitch. 

Perhaps we’ll see another announcement after the leak of Fuslie potentially going to YouTube Gaming. We’ve seen quite a few announcements over the last few months, and they aren’t likely to change anytime soon.


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