League of Legends Xin Zhao Rework Is on the Way

by in League of Legends | Mar, 2nd 2021

It’s time that LoL’s Xin Zhao gets a rework. There was a time when he was a dominating force of nature, but those days appear to be long behind him. With just a 50% win rate and a meager 1.23% play rate, he’s only played by the meager few that still treasure the classic jungler. However, gameplay director Mark Yetter revealed that a rework is in the works for the LoL jungler. Oh, you love to see it. Unless you’re like me, and you detest seeing Xin come dashing out of a bush somewhere near bot lane. 

The Whole Kit Is Getting Adjusted

While his ultimate, Crescent Guard is only having its numbers changed, his Passive (Determination), his Q (Three Talon Strike), W (Wind Becomes Lightning), and E (Audacious Charge). This all came from Mark Yetter’s recent Twitter post. There’s no release date for this yet, but Mark Yetter did say he’s hoping for some feedback on the changes.

We’re likely going to see in the LoL rework of Xin Zhao, is it will focus on his Wind Becomes Lightning skill and the second activation of it. Wind Becomes Lightning has received a variety of changes, which we’ve listed below:

  • Thrust Damage increases by up to 33% based on Critical Strike Chance
  • No longer applies Lifesteal at 33% effectiveness
  • Cast time now a static 0.5s
  • Mana Cost is now 60 (from 45)
  • W2 now Challenges Champions and Monsters and provides vision of the target for 3 seconds.
  • W2’s damage 40-180 (+80% total attack damage) ⇒ 30-170 (+75% total attack damage) (+50% ability power).
  • Cooldown is now 12-6 (from 12-8)

This is a huge change for Xin Zhao. It synergizes nicely with his E (Audacious Charge), which now has an increased range (1100) on Challenged targets. They’re trying to make his W’s second ability fit into his combos instead of conflicting with an Auto-Attack pattern. He sees some pretty serious changes, like having a 110% Ability Power Ratio for his ultimate (and no longer extends through Basic Attacks/Spells).

This is a really interesting set of changes. Is an AP ultimate enough to warrant people building “AP Xin Zhao” in every game? I mean, it may happen. While Wind Becomes Lightning (W) is the primary focus of this LoL Xin Zhao rework, there are other changes that you may want to be aware of:

Determination (Passive)

  • Heal amount: 10-112 (+10% attack damage) (+40% ability power) ⇒ 7-92 (+10% attack damage) (+55% ability power). 

Three Talon Strike (Q):

  • Bonus physical damage: 20-52 ⇒ 15-51.

Audacious Charge (E):

  • Cast range is increased to 1100 on Challenged targets.
  • Cooldown 12s ⇒ 11s.
  • Dash speed 3000 ⇒ 2500.

Crescent Guard (R):

  • New ability power ratio 0% ⇒ 110%.
  • Duration 3s ⇒ 5s.
  • No longer extended by basic attacks and spells.

I like these changes, personally. Despite how I feel about seeing Xin Zhao on the other team, it’s an excellent way to shake up an incredibly old character. These numbers could change, as always. This is anticipated to come out with the 11.8 patch, but there’s no telling. We’ll as always, keep our eyes out because this is a potentially significant change for the Seneschal of Demacia. 


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