League of Legends Wild Rift Could Be Launching Soon

by in League of Legends | Oct, 15th 2020

The closed beta for Wild Rift has been going on for a while in the Japan/SEA region. There is no release date, but Apple has said that Wild Rift is on the way to their devices later this year. Does that mean we’re going to get an iOS/Android release for Wild Rift as an official launch this year? Many say so. As it happens, some hints make us think this is the case.

League on Mobile Is More Likely Than You’d Think

One of the hints that lead people to think that a Wild Rift launch is nigh is that pre-registration prompts show up on Android devices with alarming regularity. Wild Rift is also in the Google Play October spotlight, which is a huge clue. The monthly spotlight is a list of mobile releases and upcoming games that is officially curated.

Users in Brazil have also pointed out that they can download the 1.46 GB Android version. Hideo Hikida said on Twitter that all of the closed beta countries also saw more invites go out. This means they need more people testing to get it ready to roll out. While there is no official announcement right now, we can guess where the Wild Rift launch’s major announcement will happen. When League of Legends’ Worlds kick-off, we’ll hear some announcement.

Between the regions in the closed beta will be shifted into open beta. Riot Games had this to say about the closed/open beta. “A region that’s been in closed beta for a while may switch to regional open beta (anybody in that region can download the game!), while a separate region enters their own regional closed beta (limited invites, gradual expansion). We apologize for any initial confusion this may cause, but we’re hoping that the delineation between open and closed will eventually create a better overall understanding of how the beta process will be evolving across current and future regions.”

That means anyone in the countries that have access will be able to download and log in. This, combined with Apple’s announcement that there will be a 2020 release, we feel it’s going to drop very soon. What about you? Will League Worlds open with an announcement that everyone can “download the game now?” That would probably be the biggest way to get the word out, but what do you think? Let us know!


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