League of Legends Volibear Rework Breakdown

by in League of Legends | May, 11th 2020

The wait is finally over: we have an official first look at the much anticipated Volibear rework! After many months of small teases, Riot finally decided it was time to give us a thorough reveal! Volibear is an age-old champion and is beloved by millions upon millions of players across the globe. Reworking such a staple character is always a double-edged sword, but thankfully, Riot often found a way to thread the needle.

Does the latest Volibear rework live up to the hype? Let’s take a closer look, starting with Volibear’s slightly reworked ability kit!

Volibear Ability Kit

Riot wanted to retain most of Volibear’s identity, so they didn’t go for a complete ability overhaul. Instead, they took the same route as they did with Fiddlesticks. On the one hand, that’s a great method to keep both old players engaged while also reimagining a fan-favorite champion into something that’ll be enticing for newer players as well. On the other hand, by keeping Volibear’s core, they were forced to retain some of his inherent flaws. This isn’t such a big deal because Volibear was never a horrendously designed champion, but if you didn’t like him before (for whatever reason), that’ll probably remain the case after the rework is shipped to live servers.

With that out of the way, let’s go over Volibear’s abilities!

Passive: “The Relentless Storm” — Volibear’s attacks and abilities grant him bonus attack speed. After a certain number of attacks, he’ll start dealing bonus magic damage to his targets in a smaller AoE (Area of Effect). Much like before, having a bit of extra Attack Speed will greatly benefit Volibear’s damage output, whether that’s from an item (depending on your build) or a specific rune set-up (something like Legend: Alacrity).

Q: “Thundering Smash” — Volibear starts running towards his target. Once he gets in range, he’ll perform a slamming attack, stunning and damaging his target in the process.

W: “Frenzied Maul” — After activation, Volibear damages, applies on-hit effects and marks an enemy target. Casting the ability on the same (marked) target will deal bonus damage and heal Volibear for a set amount.

E: “Sky Splitter” — Volibear summons a lightning bolt, dealing damage and slowing all enemies hit. If he’s in the blast radius as well, Volibear will gain a temporary shield.

R: “Stormbringer” — Volibear leaps to a target location, damaging and slowing all enemies hit. He also gains bonus health and disables any enemy towers near his landing location. Prepare to dive/get dove a whole lot more once the rework is released!

Overall, the reworked Volibear ability kit looks more like an unstoppable juggernaut than anything else. His role is to tank, absorb as much damage as possible, and disrupt the fields of battle. Still, without his trademark fling, he won’t be as frightening as in year’s past.

Nevertheless, there’s plenty of reason to be scared as you’re still going to play against an unkillable giant who can invoke lightning and wreak havoc.

Closing Remarks

So now that we have an official first look at the Volibear rework, an important question arises: is it a successful one? It’s still too early to tell for sure. There are some aspects of the rework that look great (the visual and audio side of things), and certain abilities look great in action, but how well they’ll all coalesce on the Summoner’s Rift remains to be seen. What is for certain, however, is that Volibear’s ability kit doesn’t look as smooth as most people expected. Volibear is still an unstoppable titan but doesn’t look as fluid as he once did. In other words, the rework looks a bit clunky, especially when you compare it to, for example, Galio or Warwick.

For a more detailed look at everything Volibear related, you can check out Riot’s official champion page. Finally, if you’re a fan of the written word, you can check out Volibear’s updated lore! It’ll provide you with ample backstory!


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