League of Legends Tease a Uniqlo Collab

by in League of Legends | Apr, 20th 2021

The next awesome Uniqlo collab could be from League of Legends, courtesy of a tweet dropped last night. Uniqlo is a clothing brand with a long-standing history of awesome collabs before League of Legends – Street Fighter, Pokemon, Gundam, and the list just goes on. So to see a Uniqlo x League of Legends collaboration? We’re 100% on board with that.

KD/A Only?

The tweet was brief and cryptic. “#LeagueofLegendsUT. Coming Soon.” was all it said, and the image is of KD/A Ahri wearing a KD/A shirt. That leads us to ask the question if it’s just going to be KD/A merch, which would be fine. After all, the pop group has released albums, their songs do big numbers, and the in-game skins have been bought, we imagine, thousands upon thousands of times. It’s proven that KD/A is money, so it wouldn’t be a shock.

At least this collab with Uniqlo and League of Legends will be affordable. Remember that Louis Vuitton collab? Yeah, that’s not in your average player’s budget. Uniqlo tends to be more affordable, so a larger amount of the League of Legends player base will be able to support the collab. Uniqlo are known for pretty sick designs, so we’re hoping to see some announcements in the near future. There have been no further announcements, but we can’t imagine it will be too long. 

No matter who is picked, KD/A will likely be the biggest seller. The KD/A branding has been everywhere, from blood donations to albums. Hopefully, it’s not also merch that’s limited in number, so bots don’t just snatch them up and upsell them on eBay. It does seem like this was teased some time ago on the KD/A music Twitter. A Redditor pointed out a November tweet that has a poster with a similar logo to Uniqlo’s in the bottom right corner.


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