League of Legends Sett Champion Breakdown

by in League of Legends | Dec, 12th 2019

Riot is truly moving at a staggering pace when it comes to champion releases. Aphelios was just released, and yet we already have a first look at their upcoming champion — a brawling juggernaut from Ionia. The feared prizefighter is already live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) so let’s do a somewhat quick Sett champion breakdown to see what he brings to the table!

Sett Champion Breakdown | Visuals

Now, there’s a divide in the community when it comes to Sett’s overall visuals. Some love the fact that he’s a roughed-up boss who’s unafraid to throw down and settle things mano-a-mano. Others, however, expected an entirely different aesthetic (and they’re in the majority).

Sett was touted as an unstoppable juggernaut, a back-alley fighter who thrived in the center of a brawl. This current aesthetic, however, doesn’t go along with such a backstory. The Sett portrayed above looks more like an anime character who occasionally dabbles in underground fighting à la Fight Club.

Everything about him is a bit too clean, and cliché, and his visuals certainly echo much of what fans complained about Aphelios.

But what about his lore? Does it provide any much-needed depth? A backstory to go along with his appearance?

Sett Champion Breakdown | Lore

Sett is a powerful player in Ionia’s criminal underworld, but he’s also an individual with humble beginnings. He was ostracized as a child for being a “half-beast” (born from an Ionian vastaya mother and a Noxian human father). Such a childhood certainly left a mark and forced him to adapt at a young age.

Once his father disappeared, Sett was forced to harden and thrive in the worst possible environment. As the years went on, Sett followed in his father’s footsteps (he became a Noxian pitfighter, to be more exact), and soon discovered that his father bought out his contract and deserted his former family life.

Burning with rage, Sett began wrecking opposing prizefighters even though he lacked any formal martial arts training. His brute force and ferocity were unmatched, which soon led people to label him as the “King of the Pit.” Soon enough, Sett took over the arena and became its new boss. “Every punch Sett throws is a blow to his old life of poverty and ostracism, and he intends to make sure that old life stays down.”

Sett’s motivations are clear and logical, although it feels like his lore only scratches the surface. There’s not a lot of depth present and it certainly doesn’t make him look like a particularly layered character. Then again, for a guy solving problems with his fist, anything more story-wise would have been overkill.

Sett Champion Breakdown | Ability Kit

We finally know the entire Sett ability kit, and it’s about as skirmish heavy as we expected. Before we delve any deeper, it’s important to highlight that Riot is going to fine-tune Sett considerably over the coming weeks, so any numbers or damage ratios listed below should be read with that in mind.

Passive: “Pit Grit” — Sett’s passive has two components: Heavy Hands and Heart of the Half-Beast. The first one makes Sett alternate between a Left Punch and a Right Punch (basic attacks). He’ll always open with a left one, and then chain with the right. Building attack speed will increase the speed of both.

Left Punches deal normal damage, whereas Right ones come out faster and deal bonus physical damage.

The second component of his passive grants Sett additional health regeneration for each 5% of his missing HP.

Overall, this is a simple, straight-forward passive that’s easy to understand and utilize. The second part is especially interesting as it’ll provide Sett with more sustain in lane — something he’ll certainly need because of his melee short-range nature.

Q: “Haymaker” — Sett’s Q has a passive and an active component. The passive one allows Sett to store 100% of incoming damage and convert it into Grit up to a certain cap (50% of his maximum health at the time of this writing). Grit decays a couple of seconds after the damage was taken.

The active part makes Sett throw a huge blow, expending all stacked Grit and dealing true damage to all enemies hit in the center line. Targets that aren’t in the center of the hitbox will take physical damage instead.

E: “Facebreaker” — Sett grabs two enemies and slams them into each other, dealing damage and slowing them in the process. If he grabs at least one enemy (on each side), the targets will be stunned instead. Certainly, a useful ability that’ll come in handy once those hectic five-on-five team fights break out.

R: “The Show Stopper” — Sett grabs an enemy target and then slams it into the ground. Anyone caught in the “landing zone” will receive a ton of damage and will be slowed by 99% for a 1.5-second duration. The further the enemy is from the landing zone the less damage they’ll take. A great teamfighting tool that can also turn a fight around if Sett’s able to grab a priority target.

You can see these abilities in action below! (video courtesy of SkinSpotlights)

Overall, there’s a lot to like when it comes to Sett’s abilities. Then again, he doesn’t seem to have a high skill ceiling and he’s not exactly a prime example for ample skill expression. Every ability is simple by design and while they do synergize fairly well with one another, they’re nothing to write home about.

We’ll have an in-depth guide over the coming weeks so stay tuned for that as well!


Riot’s upcoming champion looks undemanding, but not in a bad sense. He’s a refreshing change of pace, especially after Aphelios, the most complex release in the game’s history. Having a brand-new top lane juggernaut is certainly a positive thing, and the fact that he’ll be easy to play in no way diminishes his design.

In fact, quite the opposite. The game contains overly complex champions that are overdesigned and overpowered. Riot’s recent champion design tendencies have made the game less fun, so it’s nice to see them backtracking at least ever so slightly.

Sett is currently available for testing on the PBE, which means his release is but a couple of weeks away. Three entirely different champions in just as many months. Riot has been on a tear lately and it’s hard not to be excited for the things to come in 2020!


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