A Look at League of Legends’ Senna In-Game Abilities

by in League of Legends | Oct, 31st 2019

After a spectacular teaser (that didn’t reveal a whole lot), Riot is finally giving us a first look at the abilities for the upcoming champion Senna! These are exciting moments if you’re a support main who’s fed up with the current bottom lane meta, or an enthusiastic devotee of League’s deep and engaging lore! Either way, there’s always a reason to celebrate when we have a brand-new champion being released — especially when we’re getting a champion with so much swagger and potential.

The only content we have right now is a short video posted on League of Legends’ Facebook account, and it’s from a Lucian + Senna bottom lane duo.

Let’s take a closer look:

You have to watch the clip multiple times to discern what’s happening, but for a clip that barely lasts seventeen seconds there’s quite a lot of information to go over and dissect when it comes to Senna and her abilities. Maybe that’s even an understatement.

First of all, Senna is being released as a Support/Marksman which, while strange on paper, might work out fairly well in reality. How she’ll itemize and where her strengths will shine the brightest remains to be seen.

Secondly, Senna’s abilities are stacked. Each ability in the video played out in a prolonged and layered fashion. Let’s go over everything in chronological order, as it happened in the video.

Senna Abilities: The Start of Something Truly Special?

E — Senna creates a shroud around herself (which possibly means she’s invulnerable) after which she can move along with the shroud in any direction. If an allied champion enters the shroud, they become linked with Senna and are potentially empowered. We also can’t tell if Lucian becomes invisible for a brief duration as well, but it’s quite possible.

W — Senna throws out a skillshot that attaches to the first enemy it hits and creates an aura around that one target. If a second enemy then walks into the aura, the first opponent is snared.

Q — This ability looks like a carbon copy of Lucian’s Q “Piercing Light.” Whether there’s anything more to the ability remains to be seen. They’re husband and wife so sharing an ability seems fairly plausible. She’s also a Marksman (at least to a certain degree), so it is only natural that she has an ability that only deals damage and nothing else.

Ultimate (R) — This is where things get even more interesting. Senna charges her gun and unleashes a huge wave that’s as wide as a standard Summoner’s Rift lane. Any allied champion that’s within the ability’s hit box is shielded (along with Senna), whereas enemies get damaged. Her ultimate looks insanely cool, and it’s also quite a big game-changer. If you can both shield your allies and damage your opponents with such ease, you’re bound to affect any teamfight you’re a part of heavily.

Finally, Senna’s passive creates ghouls from recently killed minions and enemy champions. These ghouls can then be collected for a bonus of some kind.

We still don’t know the details regarding Senna’s ability kit, but it’s fair to say that she has quite an interesting set of skills.

Riot also released Senna’s champion theme, and it’s fair to say that it’s an absolute banger. There’s still so much we don’t know about Senna and what she’ll bring to the table, but she should be hitting the PBE in a matter of days. Stay tuned because we’ll have more information sooner rather than later.


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