League of Legends Samira Champion Breakdown

by in League of Legends | Aug, 31st 2020

2020 has been quite an exciting year for Riot Games. They’ve released Legends of Runeterra, a mobile variant of Teamfight Tactics, they took the esports world by storm with Valorant, and they’ve also maintained a steady release schedule for League of Legends. This time around, a brand-new champion called Samira has just leaked on the PBE, so let’s do a complete breakdown to see what she’ll bring to the table once released!

First of all, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Samira, but we’d never seen her in action before this point. Mere hours after leaking, Riot was quick to respond with an official champion trailer that gave us an exclusive first look at the ability kit of this gun-and-blade-wielding AD carry.

By the looks of it, Samira will pack a punch. Maybe that’s even an understatement.

So, who’s Samira, the Desert Rose? She’s a marksman with a very peculiar ability kit as if an oversized blade wasn’t enough. She’s also wielding a pretty beefy pistol. But it’s not just about the weapons she has at her disposal, but rather the abilities and the way she has to string her attacks to maximize her damage output. She’s not the simplest champion out there, so make sure to read carefully if you’re interested in piloting this agile marksman! Finally, most of the information listed below is subject to change over time. Samira could perform a lot differently once released to the public, so take everything with a bit of reserve.

Samira Champion Breakdown | Ability KIt

Passive: “Daredevil Impulse” — Whenever Samira lands a basic attack or an ability, she’ll increase her Style. This is a brand-new mechanic, but it’s not that complex in nature. There are six total grades, with “E” being the most basic one, and “S” is the absolute best. With each new grade, Samira will gain bonus Movement Speed.

Her basic attacks (in melee range) deal additional magic damage based on the target’s missing health.

Her attacks against immobilized enemies will also trigger a short knock-up and deal additional damage over six separate attacks. Samira can also dash towards opponents slightly outside of her Attack range, with the maximum dash distance being 800 units.

Q: “Flair” — Samira’s Q fires a shot that deals physical damage to the first target hit. If you cast this ability towards an opponent within melee range, Samira will instead use her blade and slash in front of her, also dealing physical damage. Both attacks can critically hit for 25% bonus damage. If you cast her Q during her ultimate (more on that below), Samira will “strike all enemies in her path upon completion.”

W: “Blade Whirl” — Samira slashes around her for a brief moment, damaging enemy targets twice and destroying any missiles coming her way. The damaging part is nice and all, but the second part of this ability will be key, and it’s also somewhat overpowered. Activating it at the right time will provide Samira with some much-needed peel. We can see her W negating Twisted Fate’s gold card (and Xerath’s stun) during her reveal trailer, and the fact that gifted players will be able to fend for themselves could potentially change the way we think of marksmen from now on.

She’s also incredibly nimble, so if you react fast enough, you’ll dodge more than just a couple of incoming skillshots. Overall, there’s a lot of outplay potential present in Samira’s W, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

E: “Wild Rush” — Samira dashes through a target, slashing all enemies she passes through and gaining bonus Attack Speed. If she kills an opponent, the cooldown of this ability will automatically reset. You can also cast this on an ally and use it as an escape.

R: “Inferno Trigger” — Samira can only activate her ultimate once she reaches her final grade “S.” Once that happens, she’ll unleash a “torrent of shots from her weapons.” She’ll attack all enemies around her ten times over two seconds, with each shot dealing physical damage and applying lifesteal. As if that wasn’t enough, each shot can also critically strike.

The real kicker is that her ultimate — at least at this point — has a three-second cooldown. This means that come late game. You can activate it every couple of seconds should you manage to string her abilities and attain the highest possible Style grade. You can see this in action near the end of her champion trailer.

If you think that’s overpowered and will likely be abused (and subsequently nerfed to the ground), know that you’re not in the minority.

Samira’s abilities might seem complicated at first glance, but she’s quite simple once you understand her kit’s basic concept. She is mechanically intensive, though, and that’ll make her a lot harder to master. To maximize her potential, you’ll need to be quick and precise. Samira is also a champion drawing many comparisons with Yasuo and Katarina, and it’s easy to see why.

Samira Champion Breakdown | Professional Play

Samira will almost certainly become first pick/ban worthy champion once she’s enabled in professional play. She brings so much to the table it isn’t even fair, especially not when you compare her kit to age-old champions and marksmen; they pale in comparison. She’s also bound to see play in mid and top lane, making her a potential flex pick.

Overall, she’s quite an exciting champion with a lot of potential, but it does seem like Riot packed a bit too much into her ability kit. If things pan out as expected (i.e. Riot doesn’t shy away from their standard release schedule), Samira should be hitting live servers in a matter of weeks.


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