League of Legends Player Moojin Hospitalized After a House Fire

by in League of Legends | Jul, 15th 2020

We never want to see news like this, but thanks to Korizon Esports translator Kevin Kim, and Dot Esports, we’ve got something unfortunate to report. Korean League of Legends Challenger Moojin (Jungler for RunAway) has been hospitalized. He was involved in a house fire, but thankfully, was not harmed further than he was.

Reportedly, he sustained a sprained ankle and laryngeal burns. This is terrible news, not just for his team of course, but for Moojin’s friends and loved ones. We wish the best for him, and his friend, who’s home caught fire.

What Went Down?

There isn’t a whole lot of information going around right now. But according to the head coach of the League of Legends team, Yoon “Runner” Dae-hoon, Moojin was staying at a friend’s house and was caught in a fire that started at their neighbor’s home. 

While escaping the fire, Moojin was hospitalized with a sprained ankle and laryngeal burns. His ankle was twisted while trying to go down the stairs, but that should recover in time. We have no idea if Moojin will play in his next match, which is admittedly an important one.

On Friday, July 17th, RunAway does battle against a powerful team in the form of Jin Air, that has six regular-season wins in a row. This is the first time Jin Air has seen that kind of success since the founding of the org, so they have to be on a powerful high.

However, RunAway has no substitute for their dominant jungler Moojin right now, so likely someone will off-role if he is still unable to play. KT Rolster saw a little success with an off-role player, with Smeb going to support from the top, after their support player, TusiN had health issues. Whether or not this will work for Moojin’s team after he was hospitalized, remains to be seen.

Moojin has made quite the name for himself since he started in 2016. His profile really came to prominence when he played for Flash Wolves though. They finished first in the LMS Spring and Summer Splits, qualifying for Worlds. Their 3-3 performance is nothing to sneeze at, and is what really gave the player his name. 

More important than his coming match though, is his health. Laryngeal burns can be incredibly serious and can cause long-term voice distortion. We have no further information on how he’s recovering, but it sounds like he ought to sit this one out. 

Best of luck to Moojin and to all those affected in the fire. Hopefully, they recover soon and can move forward. It’s a terrible tragedy, and not one we wish on anyone.


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