League of Legends Player Macaiyla Banned for Toxicity

by in General | Nov, 14th 2019

This ban is admittedly more lenient than her boyfriend’s initial ban. Macaiyla, the girlfriend of Tyler1 has now been banned in League of Legends for toxicity. At least she can still make a new account.

Not the First Time Macaiyla Has Been Banned

The actual ban took place last year. Due to her toxicity in one match, her account “HYPUHS” was banned permanently. Macaiyla did not review or talk about this ban until this week.

Macaiyla was only given one example of her flaming in the chat logs, which may have led her to think this perma-ban was unfair. She can still make a new character, but everything she accomplished in the previous one can no longer be accessed.

I may rail on the League of Legends community for its overwhelming toxicity, but players don’t get banned for one moment of heat. That is unless it’s terrifyingly racist or death threats go down. All she did was ask the enemy team to “f**king end” and spammed “open” in chat.

It’s hard to believe Macaiyla would be banned for just one instance of toxicity. It’s more likely that that moment is simply the last, most recent moment at the time of banning. I do not believe that players are shown all their bad behavior, just again, the most recent. It is all speculation, mind. I wasn’t there, so I don’t have the facts.

A Bunch of White Knights?

If it’s true, that is incredibly unfair. According to Dexerto, Macaiyla pointed out that Tyler1, her boyfriend, does way worse all the time. That’s not something I’m willing to argue.

After all, there was a time that Tyler1 was the “most toxic player in North America.” It was so bad that he was permanently ID banned by Riot back in 2016. Sure, he’s back as of 2018 (and broke some serious Twitch records as a result), has he reformed?

According to Macaiyla, “You have to understand that he does a lot of worse things than other people do in League, it’s pretty crazy.” She went on to say that Tyler’s a million times more toxic than she’s been and that his fans are obsessed with him.

She further said that Tyler1 doesn’t care about them (his fans), and he does the same stuff in his stream all the time. Yet, for some reason, Tyler1 is lauded for his behavior and Macaiyla gets treated considerably different.

The rest of what she said was less-than-PG. I don’t blame her for being upset if it was only one instance of toxicity. If she keeps up this behavior in-game on her accounts, I can only imagine that she’s going to wind up receiving the Tyler1 treatment.

It’s interesting to note that 0.006% of players are perma-banned in League of Legends for toxicity. That tiny fraction of the playerbase (many of whom are toxic in most of their games to some degree) tells me something. It tells me that it was doubtful to be one moment of anger in-game.

Maybe I’m not competitive or aggressive enough, despite 80% of my League matches being ranked. I don’t understand why people feel the need to be venom-spewing jackasses in their League of Legends matches. I want to win just as much as the person telling their team they’re worthless.

It is disappointing news to have to report. I can only hope that on her other accounts, she reforms her allegedly toxic ways. I don’t believe for a minute that Tyler1 has reformed either, though. Dialed back? Probably. Maybe. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, though.


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