League of Legends Netflix Series Coming This Fall

by in Entertainment | May, 3rd 2021

League of Legends Netflix series “Arcane” will explore the backstories of Jinx and Vi this fall. Two years ago, we heard an announcement of a League of Legends animated series but heard precious little about it. Now that DOTA 2 has had a successful anime run and a second season announced, we can officially confirm that this year will be the year of League of Legends’ Netflix series. The video teaser was brief, but it shows us exactly what we need to know: the stars of the show.

Jinx and Vi’s Origins

Set in Piltover and Zaun, we’re going to see the origins of Jinx and Vi. According to the trailer, we’ll see the “origins of two iconic League champions – and the power that will tear them apart.” Jinx and Vi didn’t always loathe each other. Vi’s hate of Jinx feels palpable even in the League of Legends game, so something really pivotal must have happened to tear them apart. It likely won’t only revolve around these two characters though.

There are simply too many important characters in the Piltover and Zaun region to focus on just these two. If we were going to guess, Caitlyn and Ezreal could make appearances nosing about. The animation in the 19-second trailer is not only gorgeous but never-before-seen, making it far more interesting. COVID-19 delayed Arcane, but now we’re back on track, with the League of Legends’ animated series coming to Netflix this fall.

Between the smooth animation and awesome music, Riot Games has done a great job of setting the scene, and hyping people up, as can be seen on virtually any Twitter thread that has shared the teaser. The community cannot wait to see what pops off in the League of Legends series. Could we even see a new champion somehow teased in it? Now that would be interesting. Be sure to stay tuned to Esports Talk, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest for League of Legends: Arcane on Netflix.


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