League of Legends League Points Record Smashed by 14-Year Old

by in League of Legends | Oct, 25th 2021

League of Legends’ player Ryan “General Sniper” Shoura demolished the League Points record on the NA servers on October 22nd, 2021! The 14-year old League of Legends player was recruited to Cloud9 back in November 2020 at 14 – but that was temporary. You have to be at least 15 years old to be signed to a team, but that didn’t stop General Sniper. He continued to play League of Legends, showing off why he’s one of the best solo-queue players in the entire region. Now, in 2021, he has the League of Legends record for most League Points accrued on the North American servers.

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Back in June, the League of Legends League Points record was broken by CoreJJ, support player for Team Liquid. However, in October 2021, that record was once again shattered, but by General Sniper. He hit 1,850 LP, which is now the all-time record for most League Points on an NA League of Legends server. General Sniper posted it on Twitter, with a brief apology to CoreJJ, who formerly held the record. With a win percentage of 57%, NA.OP.GG shows he’s been absolutely dominating players. His Win/Loss in Solo Ranked is 339/260, so that’s quite impressive.

He may have only been a member of Cloud 9 for about two hours, but the sky is the limit for this kid. As long as he keeps playing and has an interest in pro League of Legends, we could see the next godlike player hitting the NA pro scene in the next year or two.


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