League of Legends LCS Game Changers Aims to Build Diversity in Esports

by in League of Legends | Aug, 25th 2021

Diversity in Esports is so important, and LCS Game Changers is going to help improve that. Riot Games has announced a fully remote event that is working towards the overall goal of diversity in LoL Esports, called LCS Game Changers. If you’re a woman who plays League of Legends and have a high ELO, this could be exactly what you’re after. If you’re seeking to head into amateur and professional leagues, it isn’t an easy process. This could help make things more viable, and that’s never a bad thing. They want to add more paths for women into esports, and it all begins here. If the name sounds familiar, there was a similar “Game Changers” series for female Valorant players as well.

LCS Game Changers Kicks Off September 27th

It’s not easy to break into the professional esports scene, especially not for League of Legends. There are so many incredibly talented players, it’s hard to breakthrough. The LCS Game Changers will help to train highly-skilled LoL players, and also a scouting ground to provide more paths in. Through this program, 10 women will be picked to participate, and a variety of LCS coaches and staff. They will help train and mentor the women through a two-week period.

In a recent article on Lol Esports, they talked about this event:

“We understand the importance of safety in the community, especially for underrepresented groups. This program’s primary goal is to level up an underserved group of League of Legends players, and as such we will be respecting our participant’s privacy by not broadcasting this event live.”

These players will group into teams and learn about what it takes to be a pro. It takes more than simply being an incredible League of Legends player. These women will practice, scrim against other teams (internal and external). During LCS Game Changers, they will also work with coaches and analysts to find ways to improve overall. There will be guest speakers that talk about important topics – “Mental Resilience”, “Life of a Pro” and more. It’s important to be armed with as much information as possible.

How can you join this event though? You have to be 13 years or older, in the US or Canada, and be able to attend the event for the whole two weeks. You also have to be able to submit game footage recordings to prove your skill. If you’re up to the challenge, you can apply here. When this is all over, there will be a best of five match between the teams.

Important Dates

  • Player Applications Begin: August 24th
  • Player Selection: September 3rd
  • Event Start: September 27th
  • Event Conclusion: October 8th

This is a seriously grand idea, and it will serve to hopefully lead more women into the professional world of LoL Esports. It’s not easy to get in, but this will bring information and invaluable coaching to the up-and-coming women of LoL Esports, that’s for sure.


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