League of Legends Champion Yone Ability Kit Breakdown

by in League of Legends | Jul, 27th 2020

The wait is finally over — Yone, the Unforgotten, has been officially revealed! After a spectacular teaser, we knew his release was right around the corner, and sure enough, Riot delivered. Let’s take a closer look at his ability kit to see what Yasuo’s half-brother brings to the table!

With a unique design and a stacked ability kit, you can expect Yone to become a mainstay in both casual and competitive play. Much like with Yasuo, the potential for skill expression and mastery is exceptionally high, but it’ll come at a cost. You’ll have to put in a lot of hours to fully seize his power and realize his in-game potential. The payoff is big if you manage to land his most crucial abilities, but it’ll all boil down to calculated aggression, pristine positioning, and spotless execution.

While his abilities are set in stone design-wise, his cooldowns are bound to change, so take everything with reserve. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Ability Kit Breakdown

As expected, Yone’s ability kit is very much similar to that of Yasuo. The Ionian swordsman had the same upbringing, and even though his life took a much darker twist, you can still see the same foundation that’s present in his half-brother’s skillset as well.

Passive: “Way of the Hunter” — Yone wields two different blades and his every second basic attack deals 50% magic damage. Much like Yasuo, Yone’s critical strike chance is doubled but will always deal 10% reduced damage.

Q: “Mortal Steel” — Yone thrusts his blade forward, dealing a set amount of damage (+100% of his total AD). On a hit, Mortal Steel will grant Yone a stack that lasts for six seconds. Once he reaches two stacks, Yone can “dash forward with a wave of wind” and knock up any target that he manages to hit. Mortal Steel can critically strike, apply on-hit effects, and not be interrupted by crowd control. Its cooldown and cast time further reduce with additional attack speed.

W: “Spirit Cleave” — Yone throws out a cleave attack that deals with a set amount of damage and a percentage of the target’s max health as both physical and magic damage. If he hits an enemy champion, Yone receives a shield that’ll increase even further if he hits multiple targets.

E: “Soul Unbound” — Yone enters his spirit form and leaves his body for five seconds, gaining bonus movement speed (ramping up from 10% to 30%). Once the spirit form ends, Yone snaps back to his body and deals a percentage of all the damage he dealt in spirit form. You can shorten the duration of his E by recasting it.

Players have already started figuring out creative ways in which Yone’s E can be used, including a fascinating interaction when he has an empowered recall.

R: “Fate Sealed” — Yone dashes along a path, deals a set amount of damage (+40% of his total AD), and teleports behind the last enemy champion hit. This ultimate will also knock his targets up in the air. If he doesn’t hit a champion at all, Yone will still teleport to the maximum range.

This is an interesting ultimate, albeit somewhat underwhelming by design. Still, players will surely utilize it to great effect once those hectic five-on-five team fights start breaking out.

Closing Remarks

Overall, there’s a lot to like. On paper, he’s not harder than Yasuo as he’s more of an all-in kind of champion. Still, if you miscalculate and go in without a plan, you’re bound to regret your decision. There’s also no obvious complexity when you see his skills in action. It’s mostly just damage and a bit of movement. Still, the way you combine these abilities will make them excel in every sense of the word. There’s a ton of potential. Those who are more creative will surely blow our minds with his two built-in dashes and his E.

Also, as was expected, if you pair a good Yasuo and Yone, they’ll be nigh unstoppable. If you’re interested in giving Yone a test run, make sure to head over to the PBE and test his abilities to your heart’s content! If you plan on playing him in the mid or top lane, having a bit of extra time to experiment might not be such a bad idea!

Finally, if you’re a fan of the written word, Yone’s biography is bound to entertain. It’s quite entertaining, especially if you’re interested in finding out more about Riot’s highly-anticipated 150th champion.


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