League of Legends Champion Seraphine’s Abilities Reportedly Leaked

by in League of Legends | Oct, 12th 2020

Thanks to Reddit, Seraphine’s abilities in League of Legends leaked ahead of her launch. We already knew that Seraphine was the next champion and that she’d be the latest addition to the K/DA music act. However, we’ve had no idea what she was going to bring to the table until now. To us, she feels like a redone (better) version of Sona. No matter how much this writer loves Sona, Seraphine is his new best friend now. So let’s talk about what she does!


We don’t mind Seraphine coming into the game, immediately attached to a big act like K/DA. However, this means she’s coming to the game with a $25 Ultimate skin most likely, and that’s pretty greedy. The skin being an expensive Ultimate is speculation, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. Most people unlock new champions when they come out, but now there’s even more incentive, due to a very pretty/expensive skin.

Honestly, that role should have gone to someone in the game who fit and was already an established champ with a need for a new look. Instead, it went to the new champion who isn’t out yet. But instead of ranting about this decision, let’s talk about what she does in the game.

The Seraphine leak shows her entire kit and even has a video on Reddit showing the animations. Seraphine still feels like a better Sona. Why? Her Passive is Echo. Every third basic ability echoes, so you cast it again. An ability cast also grants a Note on an ally. For each Note, her next basic attack gains range and magic damage.

High Note is Seraphine’s Q. It deals magic damage in a targeted area, and the damage increases based on enemies’ missing health. So that’s horrifying, and could be a burst finish with Echo. Surround Sound (W) shields all nearby allied champions and grants them a movement speed buff. If Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies also receive a heal based on their missing health. Give her a piece of gear that shields her somehow, anyhow.

Seraphine’s E is Beat Drop. Beat Drop deals Magic Damage and slows enemies hit. If the target is already slowed (easy enough to do), they’re Rooted instead. Boy, does her kit fit neatly into mage/support items! Finally, the Seraphine leak gives us her Ultimate: Encore. Encore deals magic damage and charms enemies hit by it. The spell extends whenever it hits an ally or enemy champion. You could very easily ensnare a whole team by it, it seems.

Honestly, it’s not a bad kit. As far as leaks go, the Seraphine leak isn’t the worst. She hits PBE on Oct. 13. But it does just feel like a rework for Sona that was instead repurposed as its own champion. Since Sona’s a mute, she doesn’t work well in a K-pop group. It’s disappointing that it feels that way. Will she be powerful? Our feeling is, “Yes, she’s going to be very frustrating to deal with.” It looks like she’ll be ideal as a mage support, but could probably easily slot into the mid role and buff incoming junglers.

What do you think of Seraphine? Heartless Sona clone? A greedy way to get people to buy new skins? Or a genuinely interesting new concept? We’d love to know what you think!


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