League of Legends Champion Samira Leaked by Brazilian Streamer

by in League of Legends | Aug, 4th 2020

If there’s one thing that’s incredibly impressive about Riot Games, it is the speed at which they can create high-quality content and release it on an extremely tight schedule. Whether it’s skins, champions, cinematics, in-game events, or something in between, they always find a way to keep us entertained. This time around, even though we’re already getting two back-to-back releases in Lilia and Yone, we already have an information leak about a brand-new League of Legends champion called Samira — slated to hit the PBE with patch 10.18! 

New Champ, New Skins, and a Shiny Cinematic

If you’re the kind of player who enjoys a constant stream of content, then things cannot get any better. So let’s go over what was leaked and what it means going forward:

  • Riot plans on releasing a Targon-themed cinematic that would introduce the region in Legends of Runeterra. If the rumor is correct, we’ll see Diana in a starring role, with a “forbidden romantic relationship” between two individuals from Solari and Lunari being at the heart of it all. We’ve already heard rumblings of a Targon cinematic months ago, but it’s nice to hear that it’ll soon see the light of day. 
  • There’s an upcoming skinline that’s supposedly connected to the BRG and Psy Ops icons that popped up on the PBE recently. According to the leaker, Psy Ops is supposed to be a mecha-like skinline that’s based on psychic androids with “alien tech vibes.” Sona will be getting a Legendary skin along with multiple other champions. 
  • Samira, League of Legends newest champion that the leak says will be released right after Yone, will wield two weapons: a pistol and a dagger. There’s also a machine gun thrown in just for good measure, but it’ll only be used as a part of her ultimate. Samira will be a “Rambo-like” champion from Shurima, with an ability that can deflect incoming damage. Her ultimate is a mix of Katarina’s, Urgot’s, and Nunu’s — a strange combination, for sure. Once activated, she’ll supposedly start shooting from her machine gun and throwing daggers in multiple directions. Her ultimate will also scale in some way with the number of champions she manages to hit simultaneously. According to the leaker, Samira will have a fairly simple ability kit that’ll also be somewhat flashy in nature. This is in line with Sett and even Lilia; fairly simple champions by design who also come with highly impactful abilities that can make or break a game when used correctly. 
  • After Samira, Riot plans on releasing a “musical-themed” mid lane mage called Seraphine. 

All in all, this is quite a lot of information to process. We’ve already seen such a hectic slew of champion releases a couple of months back when Riot shipped Senna, Aphelios, and Sett in the span of just three months, so the fact that they’re doing it again should come as no surprise. Regardless, these leaks come at an exciting times for League of Legends players, and we cannot wait to find out more about Samira! A Bayonetta-like champion with a flashy ability kit could certainly switch things up meta-wise!


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