League of Legends Champion Lillia Breakdown

by in League of Legends | Jul, 7th 2020

Once leaks start happening, it’s always safe to assume that an official reveal is right around the corner. As expected, Riot has now officially announced Lillia, the Bashful Bloom! So, let’s do a somewhat quick Lillia breakdown of her ability kit to understand better what she brings to the table!

First of all — as you can gather from her announcement teaser — Lillia is a whimsical dryad (with a faux-Scottish accent). It is on a mission to save the Dreaming Tree, located within a magical forest in Ionia, a region in which “magic is woven into the land.” Some players are arguing that she’s Neeko re-designed as a deer. Frankly, it’s hard to come up with a counter-argument. Some are in love with Lillia’s visual identity, whereas others feel underwhelmed. Either way, she’s an interesting addition to the ever-growing League of Legends champion roster, and with an equally fascinating ability kit, she’s bound to offer a unique gameplay experience.

Lillia Breakdown | Ability Kit

Passive: “Dream-Laden Bough”

Lillia’s abilities apply “Dream Dust.” When applied, the dust will deal a portion of the target’s max HP as Magic Damage over a while.

Q: “Blooming Blows”

Lillia performs an AoE attack, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies within the AoE range. Enemies caught on the edge of the swing will take True Damage instead. Her Q’s cooldown is currently four seconds, although her numbers are subject to change, much like with any other champion. This simple fact is incredibly important as Lillia gains a burst of Movement Speed whenever she lands an ability — but more on that below.

W: “Watch Out! Eep”

Lillia winds up her branch and strikes the ground, dealing damage to anyone caught in the area. Targets that are in the center of the zone receive more damage.

E: “Swirlseed”

Lillia throws out a swirlseed that damages and slows upon impact. If she happens to miss the ability, the swirlseed will continue rolling until it hits an enemy target or collides with terrain.

R: “Lilting Lullaby”

Lillia “casts a lullaby over her enemies,” proccing any previously applied passive “Dream Dust.” Enemy targets will then be slowed before falling asleep. Lillia can then chain with yet another ability, wake her enemies from slumber and deal an additional amount of Magic Damage. Here’s the real kicker: this is a global ultimate, meaning you can send out a swirlseed from base and then ult should your E land on an opponent. You can potentially set things up from afar and help your teammates out even without being present.

Finally, Lillia gains bonus Movement Speed whenever she lands an ability (on enemy targets, neutral monsters, jungle camps), and these bonuses will stack up to five times. So, for example, you can whack the Scuttle Crab with her branch, stack up a ton of Movement Speed, and then quickly gank any lane nearby. This is an incredibly potent tool if used correctly! Her role will be that of a nimble enchanter — a fragile glass cannon that’s hard to catch.

According to her lead designer, a good way to build her is Runic Echoes, Liandry’s Torment, Dead Man’s Plate, and then Spirit Visage. So a bit of Ability Power and then a ton of resistance, just so that she can survive long enough to land all of her most important abilities and then hop away from danger. She also supposedly has a solid mid-game power spike, so she won’t need a ton of offensive items to remain relevant as the game progresses.

Overall, Lillia’s ability kit is by no means groundbreaking, but it does have a lot of synergy which is always a positive thing. You can throw out her Q, tag a couple of enemies, apply a slow with her E, proc her ultimate, and then finish off with a well-placed W. Lillia will be able to charge into battle, create absolute chaos, and then jump away with relative ease, with her allies dishing out additional damage in the process.

Her abilities are distinct and easy to understand, which should, in turn, make her learning curve fairly easy to overcome. That said, she’s a niche kind of jungler. Not exactly as niche as, say, Ivern, but she won’t become a mainstay by any stretch of the imagination. Those who understand her strengths are bound to create a ton of chaos; others who fail to grasp the nuances of her ability kit are bound to get obliterated on the Summoner’s Rift.

Lillia Breakdown | Competitive Play

Seeing how Lillia’s kit revolves around bonus Movement Speed and — one can only assume — frequent ganking, it’ll be interesting to see how big an impact she’ll have on professional play. Most of her kit is AoE-based, which should, in turn, result in a pretty fast jungle clear. Players who want to impact the map as soon as possible are bound to find a lot of success with Lillia.

That said, if she gets set back by an early invade she’s bound to crumble. Either way, an interesting champion with an interesting playstyle!

If you want to learn more about the entire process behind Lillia’s creation that goes beyond our Lillia breakdown, you can check out Riot’s official dev post. It’s quite a fascinating read (as always) and is bound to give you an in-depth look at the development process from start to finish. Finally, if you’re a fan of the written word and love knowing the nitty-gritty about the champions you play, make sure to read Lillia’s background story! Knowing Riot’s release schedule, Lillia will be available for testing on the PBE in a matter of days, with a full release being right around the corner as well!


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