League of Legends Champ Toyz Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges

by in League of Legends | Sep, 30th 2021

Former League of Legends champion Curtis “Toyz” Lau was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking in New Taipei yesterday. Specifically, the report states the LoL player had marijuana and intent to sell. Toyz is perhaps best known for bringing the Taipei Assassins to a Season 2 Worlds run after joining the org back in 2012. It would be unfortunate to see Toyz’ League of Legend’s history ruined by such a serious charge. Marijuana is a Class 2 illegal drug in Taiwan, so this is a pretty serious offense.

A History of Success Tarnished:

The Taiwan police found the marijuana in Toyz residence after procuring a search warrant, and there was a thought drug trafficking was at play here. So he was detained for second-degree Marijuana smuggling, and Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office applied for an arrested warrant. It’s made all the worse that it seemed there was evidence that Toyz had the intention of selling the drugs. Drug Trafficking is a serious business no matter where you are in the world, but former League of Legends World Champ Toyz is detained for just this reason.

According to the latest iteration of Taiwan’s “Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act”, intent to sell a Class 2 narcotic carries a maximum sentence of five years, and a fine of up to five million New Taiwan dollars – around 200K USD. According to reports, the Chief Prosecutor of the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the search and the drugs that were found within. Lau has also been tested for drugs, and the police wish to keep him detained for now.

Even though the drug trafficking charges cost a hefty sum, Toyz is also a pretty successful Youtuber, and It helps that he’s a League of Legends World Champion and has twice retired from the esport. His Youtube channel has about 700,000 subscribers, so that’s nothing to sniff at. This is a terrible thing to hear, and we will keep you up to date on this story as it develops. Will Riot be pushed to remove his Orianna skin from the Taipei Assassins’ win? There’s no telling right now. Drugs are a pretty serious issue, no matter the esport. These are very serious charges, and we’ll continue to follow this story.


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