League of Legends 2019 Ranked Season Rewards Announced

by in League of Legends | Oct, 31st 2019

With the season finally coming to an end, Riot has officially announced the League of Legends 2019 ranked season rewards! This is a critical and highly anticipated moment for millions of players across the globe who invested countless hours into a simple goal: to climb the ranked ladder.

Much like every year in the past, those who reached Gold (or higher) will be receiving a couple of in-game awards, most notably a Victorious skin along with the champion the skin is being released for. If you already own the champion, then you’re just getting the skin.

The champion itself must be a pick that heavily impacted the meta. There’s always some debate when Riot announces who’ll receive the Victorious nod, but it’s fair to say that Aatrox was a huge factor in 2019. That said, he’s not exactly an exciting choice, but more on that below.

It’s also important to highlight that you must reach at least Honor 2 to be eligible for any reward.

Victorious Skin

League of Legends Victorious Skin

Many fans across the globe aren’t exactly happy with the skin or the champion the skin is tied to. First, the skin looks somewhat rushed, and it heavily resembles Justicar Aatrox — although it doesn’t look quite as nice.

As far as Victorious skins go, this does feel like a slight letdown.

Finally, the fact that it’s coming with a champion many despise doesn’t help either. When piloted by the right player, Aatrox is an absolute menace; an unstoppable force of nature. When that’s not the case, he’s a negligible threat at best. The fact that he’s getting buffed, nerfed, and downright changed from the ground up every couple of months doesn’t help either.

Riot has yet to find a way to balance the Darkin Blade.

Regardless, it’s not a bad skin per se and if Riot responds to community feedback (which wouldn’t be the first time) we could see a couple of changes sooner rather than later.

Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Rewards

As for TFT, its separate ranked season will last until patch 9.22, so that’s a bit less than two weeks. Riot still didn’t reveal the “final form” of TFT rewards, but when they do, you’ll receive them retroactively. What they did say, however, is that you’ll receive the Victorious Pengu emote (based on your final rank):

Again, you must be ranked Gold or higher to be eligible. Finally, Teamfight Tactics rewards are a separate thing and are in no way tied to the Victorious skin.


League of Legends Honor Rewards

And lastly, you’ll receive an Honor emote based on your final Honor level. Not exactly exciting, but at least it’s something.

Those are your League of Legends 2019 ranked season rewards! The season itself will officially end come November 19th, so make sure to log in and queue up if you want to attain everything listed above!


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