LCS & Grubhub Partner Up for 2021 With Giveaways and More

by in League of Legends | Jan, 15th 2021

COVID-19 has really messed up a lot of events and fun times over 2020, that’s for sure. But if there’s anything we’ve seen a spike in, it’s Grubhub delivering delicious food to our homes. While it’s unfortunate that we can’t gather to watch major LCS events in person anytime soon, Grubhub opened a partnership with Riot Games. It’s two great tastes that go great together. Grubhub, the official food delivery service of the 2021 LCS Championships. What can we expect from that?

Quality Food at Home Right on Time for the LCS

So far, it sounds like several new segments across the LCS Spring Split, and co-branded activations during ‘Road to the Finals’. This partnership kicks off today at the Lock In Tournament and will have co-branded content from both the LCS and Grubhub. We’ve still got some time before the LCS begins proper, but this partnership with Grubhub has already begun.

Grubhub and the LCS will be teaming up in this partnership for a new segment, “Delivering the Win”, during the LCS Spring Split matches. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of this new LCS segment.

Jessica Burns, Vice President, Brand Marketing and Creative at Grubhub, said:

“As esports and gaming continue to rise in popularity, our vision is for Grubhub to become synonymous with this sport, make Grubhub and Gaming a new favorite cultural pastime. Our partnership with the LCS gets us one step closer to that goal.”

This is honestly a brilliant move on Grubhub’s part. It’s not their first partnership with esports, having worked with Blizzard, TSM and Team Liquid. It’s important that brands like Grubhub understand what kind of reach esports has, and they certainly seem to. Since we can’t go to big events and eat delicious food and watch esports, we can do it at home. On that note, the LCS and Grubhub partnership also means discounts to fans from a selection of restaurants. You can also potentially score Hextech Chests – randomized loot boxes – inside your League of Legends client.

Grubhub also announced that there will be a chance for some pretty serious prizes. One of the revealed prizes is trips to future LCS events – COVID pending, of course. Now that would be awesome! This is for people using the Grubhub app. The LCS Spring Split begins on February 5th and Grubhub’s branding will be featured throughout. One of the things we as fans can look forward to is shout casters announcing a delivery discount code, only available during the upcoming match.

Plan your snacking and lunches carefully then! There’s nothing wrong with some sweet discounts if you ask us. If we can’t go out and enjoy the esports matches with a huge group, we can at least settle in at home, send for some takeout from Grubhub, and watch amazing LCS matches in the comfort of our homes.


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