LCS Caster Jatt Joins Team Liquid as New Head Coach

by in League of Legends | May, 4th 2020

Ever since Team Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet announced that the organization would be making huge coaching staff changes, it was impossible not to wonder who’d take over the reins from Jang “Cain” Nu-ri. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long to find out as we’ve gotten official confirmation: LCS caster Joshua “Jatt” Leesman will be taking over Team Liquid!

From Caster to Coach

This is quite a shocker, to say the least. Everyone was expecting a seasoned veteran or a foreign coach, someone who already knows what it felt like to lead a team through thick and thin. Still, Jatt is an exceptional individual with a breadth of experience and a knack for analysis. He’s well aware of the many intricacies and layers of competitive League of Legends and is more than worthy of being the head coach.

In an official video, Jatt gave his insight into the whole transition and further explained why he’s so excited for such a monumental challenge (and responsibility) of being in charge of Team Liquid. He’s been an LCS regular for almost 10 years in different roles and capacities: as a player, QA Analyst, shoutcaster, game designer, podcaster, and so on. He’s universally beloved and respected and his game knowledge and an analytical mind are among the best in North America. Becoming a head coach, of course, is a different beast entirely, but if there was ever a caster who stood a chance of successfully making that transition, it has to be Jatt.

He’ll now try his hand at leading a team with two former World Champions, one Worlds finalist from Europe, one of the best Western mid laners of all time, and a promising young rookie that has already made North America take notice during his relatively short four-game stint last split. It’s hard not to be excited for the things to come.

The LCS 2020 Summer Split is scheduled to begin on June 13, so make sure to mark your calendars!


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